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Wandering Conjurer Looking for Connections

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Hello, I recently re-subbed after the Golden Saucer update lured me back but my desire to play this game is waning without anybody to adventure with, so I decided to look for a few people, this post will probably be wordy, fair warning. 


Currently, my character's is a Hyur named Elodin Beoulve, however I plan on changing it very soon (As soon as I get paid, which should be Tuesday) to an Elezen, so please message me on here if you're interested or leave a comment, I can tell you what the new name will be in message after I change. 


I'm still uninitiated to RPing as a whole, I've done a few D&D nights but otherwise I'm new to it, so I'm still working out my character.


Personality Traits: As a Conjurer he enjoys nature immensely, he has a fear of dragons due to a past experience loves to travel but refuses to visit Coerthas (Currently), is generally friendly but shy, often timid and generally abhors violence. (I'm toying around with it, but I'm thinking about making him a pacifist, willing to heal in battle, but not actually willing to strike down another creature on his own.) 


What I'm looking for: Most anything really, it would be best if your character is encouraging and talkative, as I'm probably going to be shy (especially since I might often be unsure of how to react in character). I'm not really looking to be recruited into something big just yet, mostly just individual/small group RPs. I'm perfectly fine with romance.


Let me know if there's any other info you need/want. :tonberry:

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Welcome back. I think your best bet is an RP FC in your time zone. That will give you some chatter, RP opportunities and extras. 


There are many in the Linkshell hall.


I'm personally in Unsung Heroes and a conjurer would fit well with its acadamy setup.

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