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Writing FFXIV Fanfiction

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Hi everyone!


Yunas here. Got a question but I'm not sure if this goes here or not but I wanted to ask about fanfiction. I've written several on anime but none of the MMO type. I've got two characters in mind and a little written on but I'm a little stuck. My main character is a level 50 WHM but I've not played her in 2 years (came back a week ago.) but I've forgotten the story before all then. 


I've gotten several little brainstorms while playing my 50 but to maybe get a cohesive idea going, do you think making a new character and leveling from 1-50 again might help make more ideas start or should I just stick with the 50? I know I can watch the CS in the INN but after doing the random duty:scenarios that it is just not the same. 


What do you all think? Also, do you think the writing will help with maybe with roleplay too?


Thank you!

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I'll be honest, I really don't know what you mean by Fanfiction in this case!  Do you mean writing stories about the characters who appear in the game?  The site is full of stories about our characters and their place in and interaction with the world, and it certainly does help with RP (and I think qualifies as a form of RP itself :) )

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Yeah, writing stories. :) I've got a paragraph written on my ipad and a few ideas written on paper. A few of my brainstorms are still in my head and take place in early levels, like during the first fight with Ifrit or during the beginning quests to bring the two leads together. I've wanted to RP but not sure how to go about it and many of my ideas are more the written form than actual RP.

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Generally speaking RP in FF is completely separated from the in-game story-line (sometimes they do touch for some people!).  There's nothing wrong with writing stories about it though, writing is always good as an exercise if nothing else!

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Go for it, OP! Have fun! If you're going to write fanfiction, more exposure to the material is always a good thing! If you feel this means leveling another character then go for it! You'll get the cut scenes, but also the plot that isn't laid out that way. You get the dialogue in quests and context scenes, too. Sometimes even in quest narratives. The context for the cutscenes is important, too. However! If you think that leveling a new character to 50 might hinder you from writing, that's OK too. The most important thing about a writing project is that it gets written! You can always edit later!


I definitely think writing will help you become a better role player. It will help you think about characterization and how to build a plot, which are great skills to have in RP. Basically writing in any form is good, and I encourage you to write as much as possible!

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Thank you, Dogberry. 


Now the one problem is finding a server that I can make this character on. I play on Balmung and I found a nice guild and I really don't want to up and move, but the character restrictions will not let up. 


Anyone have a FC who wouldn't mind welcoming a new character to their home? I've been playing for about a week and I've got my rotation for both attacking/healing down on my 50. ^^

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What I have found useful is writing stories to flesh out an idea. Though my characters never really set until I RP them in game, writing does help.


Writing scenes from their past 

Engaging in forum style RP that is quite story, and descriptive based

Using writing to supliment your RP

Also writing up other ideas


In terms of where..

Shared docs like gDocs

IM such as Skype, gTalk



Shared story writing RP can be a great way to explore things more, and I would recommend it.

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