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Happy Friday the 13th

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As the title says, who happy day-I-can-blame-things-going-wrong!


Who here believes in the superstitous?


Or better, is your character superstitious?


Franz is terrified of conjury. Thaumaturgy could possibly be added to the list now, but he isn't often the target of an angry thaumaturge [anymore].

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While I myself am not overly superstitious, I find superstition and myth actually very interesting. There's something really engaging in seeing how people tried to explain things in the past, and things that people do in attempt to affect the world around them through... "unscientific" ways?


Of course, that's not to say I haven't done a few goofy things myself. When I was younger, my grandmother instilled a belief in us youngsters that if you could hold your breath for the entire length of a tunnel and made a wish, it'd come true. Didn't work, of course, but it's something I may pass on to my eventual children to see if it doesn't take hold with them, too.

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