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Associates of a rising Ul'dahn merchant family. Heavy RP. Lore-strict. Dark/criminal themes. 18+ only.






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    Cemetery Shakedown & The Rat

    This event is part of an open on-going story arc Better off Dead. You may review the synopsis for an understanding of the story and background of this event but please do not presume to know any information that is not labelled as "Common Knowledge" or that your character has personally experienced. For details on how the GM (Diadae) runs her events please check out her adventure guide here. Cemetery Shakedown Job Description: Kukufeni was recently given some sensitive information regarding his missing person of interest at the Mines. He's looking to send a few people out to check out the various leads. Meet with him to find out more. (Common Knowledge) Logistics: The crew will meet up with Kukufeni at the mansion (or Camp Drybone if a little late) to investigate the lead into the 'dead guards'. This will be part 1 of 2 leads that will be investigated, the event will last 2-3 hours starting at 3pm EST. BREAK TIME:: There will be a 45 minute break between the end of the first event and the start of the second one. The Rat Job Description: Unless something goes terribly wrong with the first event the second event will involve investigating the other lead and interrogating the individual that has further details. Logistics: TBD. Rendezvous point will be dictated by the end of the 1st event and communicated ICly. People will be free to pick up and join for the second event if they so choose. The second event will start 45-minutes after the end of the first one (so somewhere between 6-7pm EST). This event will probably last 3-4 hours. This event will probably have GM-led combat.
  3. Evaleigh

    [Plot] Better Off Dead

    [Holding for future]
  4. Foreward: The following is an on-going GM-led story arc. This thread will be used to keep track of planned events related to this arc along with cataloging a synopsis of the story so far for new participants. This story arc may include mature themes, violence, and potential character injury: participant discretion is advised. This synopsis is from an out of character point of view, please use caution and the information key when deciding what information your character may be privy to without direct In Character involvement with past events. Feel free to contact the GM if you need help getting involved! Information Key βœ…Common Knowledge. Information is easily obtained, no GM approval required. πŸ’¬ Hearsay Knowledge. If your character has involvement with participants, may have overheard or been exposed. πŸ’‹ Secret Knowledge. Your character must have participated in the corresponding event or been explicitly told. β›” Forbidden Knowledge. This information is listed only for context and GM support. It is not okay to assume. An Odd Job Desc: Several transferred Ul'dahn prisoners have gone missing and the boss is interested in discovering their fate. Kukufeni is looking for *a few* people to check out a lead and resolve the situation discreetly; in particular a woman named Miera Overseeing: Diadae (as GM) Participating: Orchard, Shimomi, L'uth Resolution: The team of Orchard, Shimomi and L'uth journeyed to the mines and discovered that the woman Kukufeni was looking for was not at the mine. βœ… In addition to freemen working at the Nanawa Mines, non-violent criminals are also sent to work there. βœ… Prisoners are rotated out frequently, roughly every moon. βœ… The mines are grueling, backbreaking labor but in spite this women and the elderly prisoners are sometimes sent to the mines. βœ… The mines are a lucrative business for Ul'dah, especially after the Calamity πŸ’¬ A year ago, a group of prisoners went "missing" from the mines; Including a woman named Miera πŸ’¬ Two guards were killed in the escape along with 1 prisoner who died from a severed foot. πŸ’‹ The Overseer and the Warden tried to cover up the missing prisoners in order to avoid Flames involvement. β›” There is quip pro quo going on between the Warden and the Overseer. It is in their best interest nobody from the government investigates for fear of being discovered. Side Investigation Desc: In spite Kukufeni's honesty, Diadae has got the bright idea that since so many people have been lying to her she should double-check the findings from Kukufeni's men and has hired a couple of investigators to look into the matter. Resolution: The investigators have turned up information about the "lost paperwork" and the Warden's corruption. They've also identified a number of leads from old prisoners that were working the mines at the time of the "incident" Participating: Jinh'a Wolndara, Caledon Carver πŸ’‹ The Warden has been cooking the books to receive greater funds for the number of prisoners he oversees even when they are missing. πŸ’‹ "Stumpy" a Roegadyn prisoner recently released now working at Coasta del Sol confirmed that two guards were slain and there was a coverup about it. πŸ’‹ "Rat", a Highlander identified as released not long after the incident has been "missing" since his release however it is rumored he was on the cleanup crew that buried the dead guards. He is the most viable lead for information. πŸ’‹ Diadae is going behind Kukufeni's back trying to secure information. The Whisper Broker Desc: A shady information broker has something to sell Kukufeni. Resolution: TBD Participating: TBD ??? Mid-June Event ??? Late June Event ??? Early July Event ??? Mid-July Event? ??? Late-July Event ??? Early August Event Conclusion
  5. Hello. Nal Jewelry & Trade is looking for some more members to participate in our currently active plots. The FC is based around the stories involving a rising Ul'dahn family business recovering from severe debts. The family has had to turn its eyes more closely upon the underground world of Ul'dah and rely much more heavily on crime to turn a steady profit in these unsteady times. We currently have more than 20 active members participating in our weekly jobs and scheduled events. We all hang out in a very lively discord and have a friendly community of great roleplayers. There are many types of characters that could fit in with us, but especially those who are morally grey and/or opportunistic in nature. Our rules are pretty straightforward and standard, basically, don't be a butt. You can read more on our website https://nalffxiv.weebly.com/rules.html Please contact me here, in-game (Kukufeni Yuyufeni), or on Discord (TYLER#7615) if you're interested in learning more.