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A branch of the Immortal Flames under the jurisdiction of Captain Thalya Nadir.





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Free Company

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  2. <FLAME> Character Information Thread! Let Us Get To Know You & Your Characters ! Feel Free to post biographies, carrds, etc. We look forward to meeting all of you! If you have any questions, please refer to the Rules Topic for Contact Info!
  3. The Immortal Flames < F L A M E > is R E C R U I T I N G ! COEURL || CRYSTAL DATA CENTER Battalion Based Free Company Led By: Captain Thalya Nadir If you have a character that is new to the Ul'Dah area and is looking to enlist in The Immortal Flames, please consider joining under Thalya Nadir ! If you enjoy D&D style missions taking place in game or thru Discord, you will be able to participate in bounties hosted by a few fellow officers as to rank up within the FC itself. We strive for an immersive and fun role-playing experience! We will also be hosting live in-game events within the Coeurl Server, so if you enjoy games, casual, and fun experiences, we are definitely planning some big things! Currently: We are SEEKING RECRUITS ! After all, it is not much of a battalion with no one in it to lead! We are a very welcoming bunch and are more than able to help you level thru MSQ, Trials, etc. Why not come join us under the banner of Ul'dah and Raubahn!? We would certainly love to have you! RECRUIT APPLICATION { x } <<P L E A S E FILL OUT >> May Your Flame Burn Bright & True! Be Ready for Anything & Everything! Hope to see you in the barracks!
  4. General OOC Etiquette || Rules If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact any of the following members / users : --------- Shining Sparrow#4794 || Thalya Nadir || Tavius Gaelyn || L E A D E R YeaahhBoi#0512 || Credence Purcell || A D M I N Chip#7131 || Zoey Quintana || A D M I N Wrex#9496 || Matthias Kaas || A D M I N --------- We all strive to have a good time! Be P O L I T E Be K I N D Be a F R I E N D Naturally, you will not get along with everyone, but P L E A S E reach out to the L E A D E R or an A D M I N if you are having an issue with another FC mate before any call outs or witch hunts are initiated! We want to work THROUGH problems TOGETHER. Please do not feel like you are alone should any issues arise. No hate speech. No racism. We are open door, we are LGBTQ+ friendly and we do not support toxicity in any fashion. The Admin Team & I will be here for you to the best of our ability! -------- By RPing with our FC and in our RP plots/arcs/housing, you confirm that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. **Do N O T METAGAME or GODMOD.** You cannot use OOC knowledge to give your character an advantage. It's unfair and takes away from the roleplaying experience. You also cannot seize control over another person's character's actions, items, etc. without THEIR permission or prior planning. Everyone gets a say in what happens to their characters' well beings! **BE PATIENT** Not everyone types at the same speed, so please do not hesitate to reach out via DM or TELL to let someone know you have responded, you are initiating an interaction, or are chiming in to make sure they are responding to you currently or soon. Some events get rather large and hectic and it can be a time trying to keep up with replies. Take advantage of the friend group assignments in game which can make locating replies MUCH easier. ** OOC does not equal IC ** This is the hardest thing to tackle, but PLEASE do your best to not insert your OOC feelings into an IC interaction. It is easy to do and a big mistake a lot of the time. Do not ASSUME just because a character says something to your character that is off putting or rude that it is an attack on you. If you aren't sure, please CONTACT your RP partner OOCly to clear up any assumptions. Do NOT Ret-Con (erasing an event from a storyline or an interaction) without notifying the DM of the event ! We all have stories to tell and it is understandable it a story does not align to what your character does or wants. If you have anything else to ask, please do not hesitate to REACH OUT & ASK ! FC RP Housing Immortal Flames HQ (Free Company house) Plot 33, 10th Ward, Goblet The Flame Headquarters that Captain Nadir’s battalion is based out of, includes main receptionist area, training hall, barracks, Nadir’s office, a clinic, and private chambers for recruits. Characters Found: NPC Workers Tavius Gaelyn (Thalya’s Second in Command, Second Lieutenant) Public Use: No, please /tell to make an appointment. This is a semi-public space, if you are here for an Event hosted by FLAME, participation in the event is MANDATORY. Even if it’s IC spectating, besides that there can be no side RP happening in the house/private chambers unless given EXPRESS PERMISSION. RP Rules: No ERP, contact Thalya Nadir IG or Discord for RP use, gain permission from private chamber owner’s if you want to use the space (Thalya’s office is OFF LIMITS). As much as impromptu RP is cool, if your character has IC tensions with another character on the premises, it is your responsibility to contact Thalya, or any other Admin present IC-wise, about this so that no surprise drama will disrupt RP for those involved. Semi-public Private Chambers Flames Clinic (Credence Purcell’s Chamber’s) As the name suggests, it is the main clinic for Captain Nadir’s Flames. Characters Found: Credence Purcell (Clinic head), Meredith (NPC medic), Aochoix (NPC medic) Public Use: No, It is not a public clinic. Only members of Thalya’s flames or outside character’s involved in a Flames story arc that are wounded may use it. RP Rules: No ERP, contact Credence Purcell IG or through Discord for permissions to use. If the Clinic is being used and Credence is not online/participating in the RP, Thalya or any Flames Admin has permission to use the NPC’s for RP.
  5. About || To defend the Realm from imposing threats and enemies. To defend those who cannot defend themselves. To spread a message of burning hope that may never die. To prepare to be ready for anything and everything from your first step into her barracks. To relentlessly and passionately continue the fight even when the odds may be stacked against you. We stand together until our last breath! We go down in a fiery glory with nothing less than our best foot forward. You may ask what our mission is? What are our goals? The answer may never be c l e a r, but ! One thing is certain, we are ready for A N Y T H I N G & E V E R Y T H I N G ! Our battalion deals with: general patrols, spy on Garlean activities, the corrupt black market and slave trade in Ul’dah, Beast Tribes, correspondence with Ala Mhigan Resistance in Rhaglr’s Reach, and general peace keeping where necessary. History || In the beginning, Thalya Nadir was introduced to The Immortal Flames by the recently deceased villain, Vadim Sokolov, who was dishonorably discharged due to hyper aggressive behavior against his allies (coupled with a domestic abuse against Thalya). It was not long after this that Thalya found herself enlisting within The Immortal Flames. With the help of Lieutenant Tavius Gaelyn she worked her way up from being a recruit through his protection and guidance. After a run in with a small troupe of Garleans who were harassing a camp of Ala Mhigans just outside of Camp Drybone. Thalya fought bravely and valiantly and well enough to earn squadron mates to lead and accompany her on missions. After many great feats were victoriously performed, she had earned her rights to leading and training smaller groups to meet the expectations set by the Immortal Flames. Two more years would pass before she had the title of Captain bestowed upon her after managing to dispel an evil aura generated from the deep depths of the Aurum Vale. As more passionate and strong souls began to enlist, they were steered towards her leadership and determination to be ready for anything and everything.
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