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  1. Commission info has been updated! I'll be closing commissions on Monday indefinitely, so if you're interested, grab a slot while you can! (My hands are full, I'll probably open new slots once I'm done with all current commissions/projects). Aaaand here are some recent drawings:
  2. Welcome back Lihli! I returned recently as well, and sure feels good to see so many returning faces!
  3. I'm one of them btw. Welcome to Balmung!!
  4. This has been a busy week. Spent most of it imersing myself on RP related stuff, so I don't have much FF drawings to post here. I do have, tho, some news. Collab that I did with a friend. We swaped drawings, so I did the lines for the character on the right and the painting for the character on the left! Minimalist avatar of my RP character (Ainami Aina) And the big news is... I started a patreon! Check out https://www.patreon.com/liriell if you would like to support me! As a special thank you, I'm giving a free bust sketch for my first 5 patrons regardless of pledge tier. (only 3 slots left)
  5. Liriell

    Returning (and lost) Lamb

    Are you quinn.tia from instagram?
  6. Liriell

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    @OyuuThank you for the links! They're really useful! And let me try to make myself clear one last time. As an introvert and returning player, I had a fear of coming back and not finding the comunity the same way it was before. Instead, I've found out that things are slightly different, which isn't bad in any way at all. It's only natural that a closed and old world like Balmung would eventually focus more on already stabilished groups. I mentioned housing because, for me personally, it's a little daunting to just run over someone's house and/or daily life and just insert myself or ask for RP (and I know that I'm not the only one, but I'm not speaking for all the new/returning players either). Slice of life is something important AND fun, I believe I don't need to mention its importance since Faye already did a good job with that, but I see it as something a little bit more private and personal. I may be old fashioned, but I like to meet people in a more "public" environment before going to their house for a brunch. None of this means, of course, that I won't participate in this kind of scenario or that I don't enjoy/like it. Also, as I've mentioned, I don't know how to find new groups or stabilish contact in-game. I may not have the courage to just run into people, but I know that sitting down won't take me anywhere, and I never planned on doing so. RPing is a great way to overcome a weakness like that while forging new friendships, and this is the main reason why I decided to start doing it on this game, but I wasn't sure about doing so until I found the RPC. This is a great place both to start fresh and keep oneself updated with the events calendar. It's the first place I visited when I started, and the first place I came back to when I decided to return. I want to apologize again for any misunderstanding, and I'll try to be more cautious in the future.
  7. Liriell

    Returning (and lost) Lamb

    Thanks everyone! I've added all of you on Discord, hope we can have a nice chat~ Personally I'm still trying to figure out my own identity as RPer, mostly my character's identity actually. I've played stuff like D&D for almost a decade but I don't have much experience with RP on MMOs
  8. Liriell

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    Sorry if my post sounded too pessimistic! It's just a fear that I had before coming back and also a first impression. Which doesn't mean that will be the truth. I just want to make clear that I'm not, at all, criticizing any of those trends. I just feel like they are too "intimate" for me to jump in as a first experience, but I would love to participate on some once I've settled. I'm aware of my weakness and that's why I've come to RPC in first place. I'm just taking a deep breath before diving in. Also, I'm really glad to see lively discussions like this one, special thanks to Maril for a post that complete! Your insights will come in handy for sure. Speaking of which, does anyone have a link for a directory on tumblr or something like that? I've been searching tags related to RP on Balmung, but it would be nice to have an easier way to find people and direct my attention.
  9. Liriell

    Returning (and lost) Lamb

    Hello again! Last year just after the release of Stormblood my PC died, and after a long time fixing it, I didn't have the courage or financial resources to come back and keep playing. Well, I'm back now. The problem is... when I first logged in after coming back, I coulnd't remember even the basics, like how to go back to town... (lol). So, yeah, I'm really, really, lost. I've been playing mostly on my main/non-RP character on Coeurl with my friends, but I would like to go back to RP on Balmung, even thought I don't know anyone there anymore
  10. Liriell

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    As someone who have been away for almost a year, I've felt the fear that things wouldn't be as "lively" as before. I mean, I never had the time or opportunity to go deep on RP, but even so, I feel like things are a lot more "closed" than before. I honestly have no idea where to find a new group or FC to RP with, I'm terrible with that kind of stuff, and knowing that most of RP nowadays has been more focused on "housing areas" and "slice of life" stuff makes me a little bit relutant...
  11. Liriell

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    OMG they are so cute and well done! Love them What software did you use to make the gifs?
  12. I'm back! After... almost 10 months I think? I just started playing again last weekend and I already have commissions open and going~ Here's the updated Price Chart: And here are my most recent three commissions: For @zephiel_leraje on instagram For @ffxiv.seylumevergarden on Instagram For @oharah on tumblr (this one isn't FFXIV related, tho)
  13. Commission for lance-of-fury on tumblr~
  14. Commission for ffxiv_blyro on Instagram!
  15. And more commissions as always~ This time respetively for a friend from my FC, Kokonji. And for a member from the RPC, Puppet-kun. Also, there are no more slots available for the Bust Sale! Thanks to everyone's help I was able to raise enough funds for a new graphics card <3 (regular commissions are always open though, feel free to contact me if interested!)