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  1. Here I thought I'd never see a topic like this considering the amount of Futas parading themselves all over Balmung's QS. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of guys who enjoy female company or at the very least bisexual guys that swing both ways, you just have to approach one of them and start a nice conversation. I'm aware some might be the ones approaching you with comments like "hey there bb u want sum fuk" in the most crude and cringy way possible (I know, I have been approached like that with my female characters) but there's always good roleplayers that make the perseverance worth it.
  2. A shame, really, because I had plenty of friends who wanted to transfer (Partially their fault because the server was open for almost a month but still).
  3. Ah yes, this reminds of the occasion when I allowed one of my characters to be beaten in a freeform RP Fight, because winning all the time is boring. It was a grave mistake because my opponent, judging by her reaction and subsequent encounters with me, never won a RP before. From that point forward whenever my character crossed paths with hers, she proceeds to insult me and act all high and mighty. Not only that, she invited her friends and they loved to walk into unrelated RPs I had with other people and interrupt them. It got so annoying to the point I blacklisted her. Long story sho
  4. I play both genders and I swing towards both genders, so is a win-win situation for me and everyone involved. Of course, whenever I feel like playing a different type of character it also opens plenty of options.
  5. Impressive. If you don't mind me asking about a technical aspect about the tool: What did you use to code it?
  6. From what I've gathered in my time walking around Mateus is that there's a slightly less amount of RP going on than Balmung. There's however a higher degree of players willing to roleplay whatever you pitch at them and they certainly feel even more friendly. That, of course, is subjective to my own experience and I might be wrong.
  7. I consider myself maybe too forgiving when it comes to RPing. Spelling mistakes? Mistells? No capitalization? I forgive them all because at some point I made those errors as well. But when someone approaches my female characters with the following search info: "FU/F/Trans Only" or similar, I know I am going to have a bad time. I have nothing against people who have those preferences but that usually is a bad sign in my experience. Jesus.
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