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  1. Note: tl;dr Eorzean Paris Hilton, but with drugs Name: Sylvarant Yaeger Alias: Sylvie Age: 22 Orientation: Heterosexual Height: 5'7 Weight: 135 Disposition: Self entitled, spoiled, uses being humble as a joke or sarcasm Build: Some muscle on her arms, muscled thighs, slight pudge on abdomen (stronger than she looks via in game model) Alignment: Neutral Evil Birthplace: Ul'dah IC Classes: Paladin Physical Notes: Sylvarant comes from a family line of the original Sultansworn. From an early age she was trained to be one of the few just Paladin remaining and continue the family tradition. Years of a perfect diet and learning to fight has built muscle and a strong frame. The body her family sculpted has waned from over exposure to drinking and disregard for long term health. However, she has made strides to exercise daily though the stomach pudge is still quite stubborn. Face covered is in make up from vanity as well as hiding her true identity. Natural blonde, hair is dyed. History: The Yaeger family is not famous, however, they carry riches from generations of Sultansworn privileges. Sylvarant was not taught humility as she was fawned over by her parents. Her brother was the family's first born, and at age five the spotlight was stolen from him. Anything Sylvarant wanted, she got. Her brother distanced himself from her and found solace in friendship with the less than rich children under the pretext of a false identity. At age fifteen, Sylvarant wanted her own street urchin friends. Her brother seemed to come home looking satisfied, moreso than having tea with five girls who always told her the same thing and constantly agreed. Unlike her brother, Sylvarant did not learn any street smarts at a younger age, immediately finding herself lost and in Pearl Lane. Her brother found her after she had gone missing for several hours with no announcement as to where she was. To his surprise, she was unhurt. Once a week turned to every other day over time as Sylvarant slowed her training and left their comfortable home. Determined to find the cause, her brother followed her. What he uncovered was Sylvarant using their family's wealth to buy alcohol, lay with anyone, and treat known criminals as comrades. Discreetly, their father was alerted. It would be the utmost dishonor to their name if others found out. Unable to punish his shining angel, Sylvarant was left to do as she pleased as long as she kept quiet. While her brother is resentful, he is secretly happy he can be of use as a son as he is their family's last bastion to continue a true Paladin's way. Notes: -Sylvarant misses the affection she received as a child, often seeking validation for her choices from strangers -She is still allowed her family's money, though not an unlimited amount. Her major profit is Milkroot when venturing to the East Shroud to harvest it herself from Milkroot Clusters -Sells imported fog weed, vials of tonic made with Dreamtoad Ooze and moko grass at home from her personal lab -Of the firm belief money fixes 99% of life's problems -Has tried Somnus once, does not enjoy drugs (but enjoys the profits from selling them) Hooks: -Crime -Drugs -Thievery -Turf disputes -Villainy -International Trade -Lore compliance You can usually reach me in game with a /tell. More information outside of Sylvie here: https://maxia14.weebly.com/
  2. For those looking for RP on the darker side, exploring Mateus from other Worlds or just on Mateus and it flew under the radar. I have created a site that explains (hopefully) everything. Looking for FC members to fill roles and overall new contacts for Sylvie. Stop on by for the bar during openings! https://maxia14.weebly.com/
  3. [OUTDATED] Contact info: Discord Sis#3929 Any questions, just ask.
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