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  1. I. Basic Info  Characters:Belladonna Cyrina Slater / Germán Valiante / Rita Repulsa / Elizabeth Daemond Primary character:Belladonna Slater Linkshells:Glass Network / For Glory Garlemald / The Ranger Corps / Primary RP linkshell:Glass Network II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): From light to heavy, any in between Views on RP combat and injuries: Absolutely! Injuries come and go, some take longer, some don't. Permanent injuries can be discussed and worked out. Combat RP is totally fun, and i'm for it so long as we're okay with it! Views on IC romance: If that is what you're looking for, let's talk it out first and entirely. Not against it, Belladonna is poly-amorous, but let's talk it out. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Same as above, can totally be worked out in its entirety, and that'd be fun! Views on lore: Lore is a guideline, we can bend and sometimes we may (with consent of course) break it. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Tend to use all of it typically, if i miss your post in a certain channel, please let me know! /Say I use the most, /party if we're afraid of getting lost in chat scroll and then /linkshell is always present! III. Other Info Country:United States Timezone:EST Contact info:You can find me here now, on tumblr at @its-morphin-time-xiv , or if you would like to use discord, Malicore#7802 ! Commissioned piece done by Shadow Star!
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