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  1. 2020 bump and update! -Recruiting reopened -Company Airship has leveled up -Plot-lines continuing following the holidays! -High Priestess Selected
  2. Quick Important Update! -Upgraded FC estate from a Cottage to a Mansion -Retainers have been placed in the yard to serve as guards -2 new garden plots added
  3. Monthly Update! -Completed War Room -Working on Clinic and Shrine -Continued FC Plotline -Assisted in Allies' Plotlines -Completed 3 Crystal Campaign Quests -Active Times Updated
  4. U'kesh

    Tribe Pictures

  5. Monthly Update! -FC acquired a Company Workshop -FC joined the Crystal Campaign -FC has added more IC and OOC roles
  6. Bump! Its been a few months we have updated our information since our original post! Updates -FC Achieved Rank 8 -FC Achieved Ally Status with Immortal Flames -FC bought a small cottage in the Goblet -FC's Story has progressed!
  7. Welcome back to FF14! May need to pay you a visit on Balmung to get my fortune read
  8. We are always looking for new roleplayers on Mateus! I can't speak for the other servers you mentioned though since I have not yet been on them myself.
  9. Realm: Mateus FC Name: The Drake Tribe FC Tag: <DT-RP> FC Rank: 8 Leader: U'kesh Nunh FC Estate: Ward 19 Plot 13, Goblet FC Type: Tribal Roleplay, Seekers of the Sun Most Active Times: 6pm to 12am EST (Monday-Thursday), 6pm to 3am EST (Friday), 12pm to 3am EST (Saturday), 12pm-12am EST (Sunday) Time Note: Members start to get on around 12pm daily but events are usually held later in the evening. Alignment: True Neutral Source Links: https://the-drake-tribe.tumblr.com/about About: The Drake Tribe is heavily focused Seeker of the Sun Roleplay FC that is currently at FC Rank 8. The FC has been attending cross world tribal events and has recently obtained its FC Mansion. IC Story: After concluding that the influx of outsiders to Forgotten Springs threaten their way of life, U'kesh and those that agree with him have decided to leave Forgotten Springs and form their own Sept of the Drake Tribe. Currently they have established themselves in the South Eastern Sagolii and are currently in the process of growing the tribe. DISCLAIMER: Must be +18 IRL to join Currently Recruiting: Seekers of The Sun Contacts: U'kesh (Here), U'kesh Nunh (In-game)
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