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  1. Ugh. They are both so good. Soooo goooood! (Yeah, that's me on the bottom. ) Thank you so much Kaiverta! I absolutely love it!
  2. Hi Kira! Yes, I for one would be interested. I'm a Gobbo, but world visit's not a problem.
  3. I like your artwork. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Hi there. I was lucky enough to attend this past Friday. Your bath house and FC members are amazing! If anyone's reading this and thinking they may want to attend one of their events, duuu eeeet. -K
  5. Let's get together and RP some more some time!
  6. Hello new friends! I, too, am checking in from Goblin. I hope to see its RP base continue to grow!I I'm not new to MMOs or RPGs, but I'm low on RP experience and new to FFXIV. My wife and I play together and are going through the MSQ, RPng that privately between our characters; we look forward to attending events outside of that as well. I play a mouthy, wisecracking, poetry-spouting, and just a little absurd Miqo'te aspiring Bard named Kamah'li; she plays a demure, traditional, shy Au Ra white mage named Ayame Mizuki. Together, they fight crime/get wrapped up in Final
  7. Hey! I spoke to you briefly in game last night. My wife and I are new to FFXIV (and I'm new-ish to RP) and have baby characters on Goblin. We'll keep in touch and let you know when we're ready to branch out. Thanks!
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