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  1. Yeah, like I said I agree that would be great to see in the Viera and Miqo'te ears more physics movement. I know with the rabbits I had IRL I really loved how the ears looked laid on their back. Then perk up if they were surprised (I noticed Miqo'te does have the ear movement during some emotes, so having that for Viera too would be nice). Also not sure about the ears that bend like that, personally I am just familiar with the Polish Dwarf rabbits with straight short ears, or the lop rabbits with soft droopy ears (but don't appear folded like the bent ears). But I suppose in at least one other fantasy game I played, it had rabbit ear that seems to have some muscle in it to animate it bend it in half like it had a joint like elbows (but it was an anime game lol).
  2. Yeah I am curious to read it, but could not find it on the site, and the polls were closed.
  3. For me, I started a new character about a month ago and feel like doing the side quests was a mistake for me, because of the time consumed and unnecessary amount of EXP. By the time my MSQs were at lv 30 or so, my character was over level 40, and even after I stopped doing side-quests entirely after 40, I'm still always 10 levels higher than my MSQ even up to level 70! Also the ARR MSQ is pretty boring until much later on like the level 50 MSQs from the Patch that I think the story finally gets spiced up, so I think doing all the side quests contributes to burnout and loss of interest in the game's actual story, if you prefer faster-paced story. But the biggest reason I regret doing the side-quests, at least the pre-lv 15 sidequests, is because now leveling my other jobs without any quests for them, takes very long compared to my main job. On the other hand, some side quests can have some nice reward or some mildly interesting side story to it. Such as the one in Aleport which gives you a puppy and kitten minion. So far I haven't seen any side quests that were actually "important" though. I would still do the blue + sign quests which unlock things, though.
  4. I never played one myself, but my friend is one, and I did notice they don't move much. I did have pet rabbits IRL before and their ears were not really floppy/soft or flexible per se, but it would make more sense if they did have more slight movement at least when moving. I think the same should apply to Miqo'te ears too, as I noticed they don't move at all when running. A slight bounce would be nice in both their cases. But I noticed the bunny ears headgear from the Gold Saucer do have a lot of bounce from any movement.
  5. I could see this happening if you are trying to do ERP or romance RP with female characters, since then there are a lot of people that like to RP as their preferred gender, so maybe you are finding girls who prefer other girls and don't like guy characters (that could be men irl or lesbian irl)... I mean I do see some hostility on occasion on my male character, where someone will get mad at me for wearing anything too sexy lol (like the bunny suit from Gold Saucer), but then they have no complaints with a female character wearing something even more revealing. That is a double standard for sure. But otherwise it shouldn't be harder for a male character to RP any non-sexual RPs in general... But I guess maybe some people really are biased. It wasn't in an RP, but I once met someone on FFXIV who was super mean to me just because my character was male (even though I'm female irl), and yet loved my IRL male friends because they had female characters lol. Best thing would be to just keep searching and find an RP group who accepts you for who you are and isn't sexist/homophobic (I know you said you're straight, but I mean homophobic as in guys RPing as female who hate guy characters in fear of "becoming gay", who go as far to exclude any male characters and only want to interact female characters). There are definitely role play groups out there who accept without discrimination, and some even who may prefer guys. Though, at least in my experience, most of the RP I've seen was either majority lesbian character or gay characters. But the last RP I did in FFXIV was friendly to everyone including men of any orientation. It was a very casual bar RP though.
  6. I'd also love to see if there's some more thoughts about this. I made a Lalafell alt, who is technically female but looks very male (short hair, narrow eyes, and full armor), that I think if I played as this character, I would enjoy roleplaying the character as either transman or non-binary if possible, with their gender identity/expression as an important part of their personal story. While it was purely coincidental, I think even the name of my Lalafell might be more the Masculine naming convention as well? Senya Ichiya?
  7. Kohagura

    Gender Taboo?

    I can't say for others really, but for myself I do not generally have any problems with what gender anyone wants to RP as. For me all that matters is that they're not doing it to be offensive or sexist (in the case of female characters, I'm more particular due to personal discomforts/traumas). For example if someone is playing a character in RP in a very degrading way that hints that they OOCly may enjoy seeing things like domestic abuse or sexual assault... though others may not mind it or even enjoy it, I would avoid this kind of RPer myself as it's very uncomfortable and offensive for me to have to sit through, and even far moreso when it's someone I know is of the opposite gender, then at least in my mind, is more likely to be fetishizing the situation and comes off as really sexist to me. I mean, for me, the same also applies to other things like race. For example when someone who isn't Asian is Roleplaying as an Asian character, and I might find their portrayal offensive if they sound like they're being very insensitive like using many stereotypes, because I'm Asian myself IRL. Though, most of the time it's just minor not really harmful things such as using really cheesy Japanese names for anime role plays, so I just eye-roll and tolerate it... Otherwise, for regular RP not dealing with any sensitive topics or offensive portrayals, I do not care at all.
  8. Hi. I joined this site after realizing that people really do Roleplay in FFXIV. I play on Leviathan server, and got my first taste of FFXIV light RP at a friend's bar, which was pretty fun and a nice change of pace from combat gameplay. Hope to be able to make some friends or find others to RP with, especially if there are any of you out there in Leviathan browsing this lol. In the past, I've only really role played much in Second Life, and usually in anime-themed role plays (of various genres like slice-of-life, school, fantasy, sci-fi). Mostly I found slice of life to be what I enjoyed most, though, due to the simplicity and ability to just dive in without worrying about whether you'll break the lore. So I can see myself doing more casual or social focused role plays in FFXIV. I pretty much exclusively role play as gay or bisexual male characters, very rarely as female. In FFXIV, I am a male Miqo'te. As for MMORPGs, I have played more than I can even name, but have not actually had the opportunity to role play in any except The Secret World. So I am pretty excited about trying it out in FFXIV. In real life, I don't really have a job as I'm disabled (and after marriage, not a citizen where I live yet), but I do sometimes create 3D models (mostly for Second Life or mods for other games like The Sims 4).
  9. Primary character: Shino Cerezo A male Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te specializing as a healer, with light purple hair and a tendency to wear either Japanese Kimono or more feminine western clothing despite his somewhat muscular build, and tall height (for a Miqo'te, he is the tallest height). His apparent age is 27. He can be shy at odd times, but more often than not he is affectionate and playful much like a domestic cat (he is fond of cats), especially after becoming familiar with those he likes. What I'm looking for: I want to be very clear, that this would be strictly a role play relationship within FFXIV between our characters. It will be nothing more than good friendship in real life as I am married and asexual IRL. I'm primarily looking for someone who would like to role play a cute "Boys Love" or "Yaoi" type of relationship with my male Miqo'te character. Preferably a relationship that isn't so much focused on sexual but more on the romantic, fluffy, or friendly things. Things such as petting, snuggling, and adventuring together as partners. With a hopeful goal of eventual marriage in the game. Overall I am pretty open to suggestions, so feel free to ask if you are interested! My preferred races for a partner would be a male character of either of the races Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, or Au Ra. Most preferably another male Miqo'te or a male Midlander with an "ikemen" look. Also for apparent age between the 20-35 adult range (or the equivalent for each race). RP Style: I typically do casual light to medium RP. Depending who I roleplay with, I generally try to match. I much prefer light/casual RP for the sake of less thinking/waiting and more playful fun and comedy, though! But if you're interested, do be sure to let me know your own preferences. For even more clarification, here are examples of the two main types of RP I am comfortable using: Light/Casual/Fun: (In which I type as my character would type if HE were behind the keyboard, in first-person.) Medium/Serious: (More descriptive third-person RP style, but still easy to read and not too long like para-RP.) Views on RP combat and injuries: In serious Roleplays, I think combat should be with a form of consent. (for example, roleplaying the attempt of a combat move such as a kick, and giving the other person a chance to decide whether their character should dodge, block, or take it.) Views on IC romance: It's fine! As long as there's understanding differing RL and RP romance and consent is respected. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I would enjoy having a cute family RP as well, such as adopting a child (especially Lalafell) much later on, but it's not required. Views on lore: I am not a fan of heavy lore-reliant RP that requires much inside-knowledge, and prefer to just be able to dive into RPing. So, I tend to prefer more simple and light-hearted slice-of-life RP or something simple like just adventuring around the world from scratch, or at most using the game's own lore. Generally, I am not expecting to roleplay anything too strict to any lore, just basic knowledge of the races and city-states for example is enough for me! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm fine with using any chat system. I have many linkshell slots free to join or create. Country: Canada Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (I am normally online anytime after 8 or 9am, and usually sleep around 11pm to midnight.) Contact info: Discord: Kouki#0418 or in-game: Shino Cerezo.
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