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  1. Love them! It's a really cool art style! <3 Please post more!
  2. Well you definitely need to come by the After Dark Grill sometime, it's in the Lavender Bed's Ward 7 Plot 40. It's a steakhouse but the business is a front for people who have similar viewpoints as your character's and definitely our FC as a whole would probably be interested in anything he's willing to teach them about his experiences. Also, it is a restaurant with the grand opening right around the corner so he can always stop by for steak and a drink! On a more personal note, my character Missing (Missing Aria in game) would probably be extremely happy to add him to her list of connections. So if you'd like to hit me up sometime on Discord we can swap ideas for how to set that up. My Discord tag is Missing_Aria#5466
  3. Hey there! I actually know a few Coeurl RPers, I'll shoot them a link to here. I think right now they're focusing on content but maybe later on you guys could meet up or something! ^^
  4. -sits on Kasi- Nah you don't want to RP with Kasi, she eats all of the bacon and starts dating your mom! Actually I guess she's okay... Sometimes.
  5. Hello! Fellow Altoholic here! I'm actually on Balmung but I wanted to take the time to welcome you to the game! It's a great setting for RP so I'm sure you're going to have a blast! I got my RP start on forums and didn't discover MMOs till later on either. When I came to this game I played till around... Oh I think 30 or so before I made an RP character and started fleshing them out, because the story can be overwhelming at first. So needless to say I think you're going the right route by learning the story and then fleshing out your characters. I will say that my policy with new characters tends to be to make a general idea in your head of who and what they are, think of what the major, important things are... Then let them tell you their little quirks and whatnot. I never told Missy that she's a tea addict, she told me that herself. So don't stress too much about making your characters yet, just enjoy the game!
  6. Well welcome back to the game! I've taken a few breaks myself in the past, the longest of which being just before HW came out because I was going to school full time and didn't want any distractions, so I know how hard it can be to pick up where you left off. If you want some RP connections feel free to shoot me a message on Discord (Missing_Aria#5466) or you can drop by the Lavender Beds 7th Ward Plot 40 for random RP. Our FC has IC plot interests in Ala Mhigo, Doma, Ishgard, and Garlemald that tend to lean on the side of stirring up the people so I think your character could definitely make some connections with us. Of course if you're looking for an FC we can offer that too but we have lots of people who are simply connections without being members so no worries if you aren't interested in finding an FC. My main, Missing (no that's not her real name), is a spy who is actively seeking contacts in the Ala Mhigan resistance so if you want to meet up and RP something along those lines I'm completely game for it!
  7. Hello! So I think either one of your characters (or both) would work really well as a contact or possibly rival for my Xaela character Missing (No that's not her real name). She's a spy with a network within her current Free Company and she's always looking for new contacts. If you want to chat and plan some things out, or just meet up and role play to see how things go let me know! My Discord is Missing_Aria#5466, feel free to shoot me a PM!
  8. Well all of my characters are on Balmung but I wish I were on Mateus because your character seems very cool! Best of luck to you and welcome to Final Fantasy! <3 Seriously though, the profile was a joy to read!
  9. Hey there! I know this post was a while ago but I thought I'd drop you a line anyway. The Veil is an organization that operates behind the cover of being a steakhouse. The main mission of the Veil though can be found on our FC here. I will say that we definitely have our attentions on Ala Mhigo given it's current state with the occupation. I think you could definitely find a home with us, and I'm sure we could make use of an engineer. ^^ If you're interested you can either drop by the steakhouse (Lavender Beds, Plot 40 Ward 7) or shoot one of our officers a message (Larswith Medwyn, Shady Individual, or Zavineau Ravalis). If nothing else you can always swing by for the RP or to chat!
  10. Shards, Zavin beat me to it! But yeah we're looking to have our grand opening at the After Dark Steakhouse soon (The business front for the Veil) and we could definitely make use of a character who wouldn't mind the work. We have a great group of people here and, from a more personal note, I'm a huge fan of characters that you build as you go along. I find those always work out the best. We have a bunch of people here (myself included) who would be more than happy to help build your character with you in any way you need.
  11. Anyone wishing to have a message delivered please make sure to submit them! ^^ You can request one while at the party if you aren't sure if your friend/loved one will be able to make it (or if you find someone you like there ) but it is preferable to have them submitted ahead of time.
  12. Yeah the time was our FC leader's idea for that very reason. ^^
  13. [align=center]Greetings! You are cordially invited to the Vylbrand Academy's Valentione's Day event! Please meet us at the Academy (Plot 2, Ward 3 Mist) at 4pm EST on Saturday the 14th of February. This event is a Masquerade Ball so dress in style! Those who are single and looking are to wear their best masks, nothing lures them in like a little bit of mystery. If you are happy in love or simply not interested in romantic attention then no mask is needed. Students and staff of the Academy will also be delivering Valentione's messages to those who attend so if your love is coming to the event with you, let us know and we'll deliver your personalized message during the ball! These messages can be anonymous or 'signed' as it were, platonic or romantic. Please fill out the form below and send your request to Marina the Grey ((PM me)) and we'll take care of the rest! Hope to see you there![/align] [align=center]______________________________________________[/align] OOC: Alright so, like the IC section above says, we're going to be holding a Masquerade on Valentione's Day. However, the only ones wearing the masks will be those who are single and interested. Or in open relationships, we're not here to judge. If you wear a mask you are saying that you are open to being hit on, asked to dance, being asked out, etc. If you would like to have a message delivered to your loved one/friend. Please fill out the following and PM it to me: These messages will be delivered free of charge, but only to those who attend the ball. If there are any questions please contact myself or Monty.
  14. I am insanely excited about glamours. Knew it was coming but still very excited!
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