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  1. we had a bit of a slow period building up to Shadowbringers, but now with the Early Access coming, we will be in full swing! We are still recruiting for those who wish to RP, casually play or do both!
  2. Our third RP even will be going on tonight, but our FC is slowly growing and we're still looking for more to join. Just had an FC event called Mount Monday that was a success, so we are still active and looking.
  3. I'm looking for anyone from the Crystal Data Center to come attend. But what I'm looking for the most is 5-10 people (or more) to RolePlay as NPCs. If anyone has ever played in a LARP organization called NERO, I ran a few events there and would like to do some of the same on here. All you would need is some plain looking transmogs with dull colors, I can try to provide these as well. If you want to attend as your character, you are more than welcome to.
  4. In-Game/Character: The time has come to continue the Vigilance of the Scions. Mina, tasked with continuing the fight against the beastmen in the region of Eorzea and beyond. Hearing of a cult of Tempered Ifrit worshippers near Drybone, Mina calls together the Shield and any allies of the Scions to investigate the area. Out-of-Game/Character: So this is rough a rough start, but I'm still new at organizing this together. I'm not looking for a ton of people to come, I'm looking to have between 5-10 people join my small FC begin our first RP session. We are looking to start next Thursday (5/9) at 9PM EST. You can send me a PM on here, find me in game on Mina Kelter, or simply post here if you have questions or would like to join. I'll post here if I get enough people. Thank you for taking your time to view this and I hope to see you in-game.
  5. Just got Rank 7 and lost a bidding war for a small house, but we are still trying our best. Our first RP event for our starting Story Line will begin next week! Please drop me a PM here or message my Character or SO's Brenda Pancake for invites! Thank you!
  6. Bumping! Slowly getting new members and looking to fill our ranks! We are half way to Rank 6 as well. We are possibly having our first FC RP even next weekend.
  7. In-Character: The Shield of the Scions is a branch of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. With recent events, and many of our comrades being comatose, it is up to us to be the shield to the innocents of Hydaelyn! Being a Shield, we must take the fight to the Eikons and their mind-controlled slaves. Some of our active duties will be to patrol areas of heightened Eikon activity, rooting out suspected cults of chosen Eikons that some beast tribes send into civilization to cause chaos amongst the masses. We are looking for more brave adventurers to fill our ranks so that we can take the fight to the enemies of Hydaelyn! Out-of-Character: Hi there! This is my new Free Company the Shield of the Scion! The details right now are sparse because it was just made and we are slowly starting to get some new members. My hope is that as we get more people, we will start making Story Lines for not only the FC as a whole, but everyone can join in and make their own Side Stories that would flesh out this group. We use a simplified version of the dice rolling mechanic I have seen with other RP FCs, but some of the RP events will also be us queing up to go fight the different Eikons like Ifrit or Susano as an example during their trials. So far I have a Discord made for the FC, and in the future we will possibly make an website. Another future thing to get that we are starting to save up on is to get some kind of house, preferably in the Goblet. I hope that some of this has piqued your interest dear reader. You can contact me on my character Mina Kelter, or you can contact my SO Brenda Pancake to send you an invite. Or send me a PM on here to get a hold of me. Thank You!
  8. I'm looking for a roleplaying guild and this one looks fun, My you can either PM here or catch me in-game. My Character name is the same as this screen name
  9. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! It does mean a lot to me, and I do hope to meet as many people as I possibly can in the future!
  10. Hello, I just recently transferred from Coeurl to Balmung today and I was hoping to find new people to either hang around with and/or find a fun new FC to join up (i'll have to do it tomorrow though since I had to leave my other one to transfer) I play Mina Kelter, a hard as stone female Highlander Paladin who is laying her life on the line for the good of all of Eorzea and beyond! Feel free to drop me a line anytime or just to say hi x3 (an Avatar will shortly be added to my account sooner or later, i'm no really good with those :I)
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