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  1. @Unnamed Mercenary Oh hey thanks! Also, I remember you from years ago. Nice to see a familiar name. Hope all is well!
  2. Hey folks. It's been a while since I've dropped in (4 years?!) and advertised my commission service. The links in this thread still work, even if the images/code are broken. I'll fix up my commission prices and post some new sample work for those in the market for getting some art done of their character. Some recent samples:
  3. I haven't had the urge to RP in a few weeks now. I'm anxious to get over that ambivalence, but I can't force it. That said, what's always caused me to hesitate to go out and get RP are a few things. When I played a Roe, I was constantly sent unsolicited tells for ERP, and very specific types of ERP just by virtue of playing a femroe and standing idle in the Quicksand. While YKINMKATO, it got to a point where I had to forgo going to public spaces, or seeking out RP altogether outside of my then FC. I could not escape it, even when I was not RPing. It was very discouraging. After I race-
  4. http://41.media.tumblr.com/62c19178b606349008dd4ffe0387d445/tumblr_nz7x3y6LaZ1rue9d8o1_1280.jpg[/img] Portrait I did for Ayu. I am also always open for commissions! Pricelist on first post updated to reflect work from 2015. No changes to prices.
  5. https://36.media.tumblr.com/fc048cb868b8667cf7321fd8ca699a08/tumblr_nyyteuHJRq1rue9d8o1_1280.jpg Commission for Isla complete!
  6. Two new commissions done this week! https://36.media.tumblr.com/174d4e9de3fc15fa84d808e5d8b6dfe8/tumblr_nvoazmnR5U1rue9d8o1_1280.jpg and a [NSFW] Au Ra commission!
  7. To me, OOC and real life always come first. Hands down. RP is a collaborative effort out-of-character before it is in-character, and requires working with other players to entertain one another. First and foremost, the player in question, usually, is our friend, or soon will be, and we should make every effort to include them, to work with them, to meet them halfway if there is ever a character or roleplay-based storytelling issue. It is still an out-of-character issue that should first be addressed. I personally think that a solid OOC foundation makes for a much better RP experience. Th
  8. I'm going to echo these thoughts. While I am an 'Actor' and on rare occasion a 'Driver' when in my own group of people, and enjoy doing that for people I know enough about their characters to work with them, I am rarely ever anything but an Introvert when out in public. Mostly because I feel like joining RP out in the world is intrusive, and frankly none of the my business. I am happy to go out in a group of folks I know, but it takes a pretty big effort on my part to put myself out there when alone. The difference for me is that I know I am a textbook introvert, and I know that in order
  9. I'm going to echo what a lot of folks have said here. It's a crap shoot, and it's work. It's a lot of work, and it can take an emotional toll on the player playing the 'bad guy' if they're not prepared for it because there will be miscommunications, and there will be times where players are on the defensive. The good news is there are few behaviors that can help. They certainly won't negate the potential for out-of-character drama, but they could minimize it. Two things, and these are going to sound very contradictory, but bare with me. Do not tell people OOC that the character is
  10. We're recruiting! Roegadyn, Elezen, Highlanders and Lalafell all strongly encouraged to apply!
  11. We've still got room for growth! PST Ayushiridara Khatagin for an invite!
  12. http://41.media.tumblr.com/0a54762dee7c59bf0783b9a22f01dfb0/tumblr_nu3lipYVH71rue9d8o1_r2_1280.jpg[/img] Commission complete!
  13. As a commission artist, I always have mixed feelings when I see these threads. On one hand, not giving a delivery date, and not staying in constant contact with your client is really unprofessional. Really, really unprofessional. On the other hand, contacting the artist directly is the best way to go. I understand that you are new to getting work done, and you want some feedback. I get that. I was in a situation once where a client talked to just about everyone else but me when they had an issue, and it could have been resolved asap if they had just contacted me in the first place. My pe
  14. If you are feeling that your RP, or your character, is in a rut, may I suggest pulling your character out of a situation that you, or she, is familiar with, and putting her into a place that is extremely foreign to her? Interact with folks that are not nobility, that are not high society. Could be a fun experiment! I mean, really, what could go wrong!
  15. Food for thought about putting a lot of emphasis on backstory: Have you done so much work on the backstory, given your character so much history that their story has already been told? Has so much happened to the character already that you may not know where to take it because the character has already, in your head, lived such a rich life? If the answer is yes, I'd go in and take out the weakest aspects of the story, and then see what happens if you take out the strongest, as a mental exercise. I like to refer to my character's background as just noise. That is what it becomes for me, p
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