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  1. The Adamantium Order is rebuilding! Who we are: TAO is a casual RP/PvE free company following a modernized chivalric order theme. We have been around for two years and are alt-friendly, have a medium house in an RP-centric ward of the Goblet with three level 50 airships, a website which has seen a lot of RP activity, and a Discord server. Why you should apply: You are an adventurous, mature player who desires RP with a guild that hosts regular open RP events while helping each other achieve PvE content goals. You don't want to be limited to RP just within an FC, and you want to be treated with respect and appreciation, and see your character develop into a well-rounded, memorable addition to the Gilgamesh RP community. How to find us: You may PM me (Popoto Poto) on this site with inquiries, or you may submit an app in-game or via our website at http://www.adamantiumorder.com. Things to note: We are friendly and welcoming to all genders and orientations, and frown upon drama. We do not accept RPers under the age of 18 because, let's be real, characters end up doing some very adult things from time to time. Our members and leadership span Pacific to Eastern time zones, and lean toward hosting events on Wednesday nights and Sundays. We enjoy RPing out in the open as an integral part of Eorzea, trolls be damned. Recruitment status: 3/29/16: Recruitment open!
  2. I had a terrific time at the Host Club. Your staff were organized, and your house design was great. Koharu was my host and she was amazing. For my first event on Balmung, this was a memorable experience. Thank you all, and I'm looking forward to the next one. :thumbsup:
  3. We are still very much alive and more active than ever! I'm happy to report we also were one of the 10 winners of the Heavensward Free Company Recruitment Contest. Check out the Lodestone newspost and see our video under the Gilgamesh listing! --Amethyst Harte, TAO
  4. I like this idea! Is this based on Ouran High School Host Club? That was such a great show!
  5. My primary character (Amethyst) is a soft butch lesbian woman,and her half-sister (Deidra) is bisexual but mainly interested in males. Among my alts, Jon is a straight male, D’sire is a pansexual drag queen, Streiss and Vivixa are asexual females, and Uta… I don’t know her well enough to say just yet. I feel that my characters have been well-received. Even whenD’sire, a male character with a female miqo’te model, was given the nickname “the trap” and had his performance walked-out on by a couple of folks when he first revealed himself as a drag queen, the players behind those characters made clear distinctions between IC behavior and OOC feelings, so I didn’t feel personally offended even as I felt sympathy for my character. Later, one of those characters became a fan and admirer, and another actually approached D’sire to entertain at their wedding reception and have a song written just for them. As a genetically male, pansexual, genderqueer, kinky person livingas a single mother with a full-time government job (wrap your heads around that, folks!), fellow RPers who have learned of the player behind the character have been nothing but supportive of me. I have not once received any discriminatory comments directed at me by RPers I’ve met on Gilgamesh or Balmung. Non-RPers are a different story; I’ve encountered my share of jerks among them. Ironically, having to tell old PvE friends I’m an RPer now hasfelt like a second coming-out: “Dude, let’s spam T10 today, c’mon.” “Sorry, I’m in an RP scene right now.” “Wtf? Wait, you’re an RPer now? Man… fine, w/e." “*sigh*”
  6. Hey all! I just wanted to make a note that there is now a comprehensive, up-to-date RP directory on the gilgamesh-rp.com website. It can be found here: The Gilgamesh RP Yellow Pages If anyone would like info added to this directory, feel free to respond to that post there. Thank you!
  7. Thanks, Adolar, I'll go ahead and do that, then. I wasn't sure because I saw the double "NEW" and didn't want to create confusion.
  8. See OP. Tomorrow is that time of the month again! ...And no, I don't mean that time. I mean it's time to bring your RP out into the open for the day! Happy Explorzea Day, folks!
  9. Chapter 1. The glimmering stars of Thanalan’s great black sky looked down upon the dusty streets of Ul’dah. The Quicksands was lively that night, song and laughter issuing from the brightly lit desert tavern. Patrons entering hungry and sober were passed and occasionally bumped into by those exiting satiated and laughing. Even the shadowed, garbage-lined alleyway behind the establishment was invaded by the light and noise issuing from a back door cracked open to allow better ventilation on that muggy desert evening. Some of that light fell upon the slouched figure of a disheveled young miqo’te boy wearing only a woman’s oversized nightshirt. The boy was digging for abandoned gems in piles of rubbish fresh from the kitchen. As he hummed along with the tavern music, his stomach complained in harmony. His bushy green tail danced around the rotting morsels he threw left and right over his shoulder, stiffening suddenly as the boy victoriously extracted a half-eaten scoop of seasoned popotoes smashed against a fatty crescent of dodo steak. He munched greedily on the discarded treats, ears rotating now and then, attentive to the rattling chainmail of Brass Blades stationed on the opposite side of those doors. Those ears perked when the crowd simmered down, their noise abruptly replaced by a thumping drumbeat and jazzy brass players introducing a song by the next performer, whose vibrant, sultry voice cut through the sweltering night air. The boy turned his smudged, pretty face toward the yellow light, his emerald eyes dilating as they searched for answers. Still nibbling on the food, he ventured toward the doors, his nose crinkling from the odor of wafting pipe smoke and sweaty bodies as he stuck his face into the crack. That’s when he saw her for the first time: a magnificent tower of a Roegadyn singer with hips like the rolling dunes of the Sagolii, accentuated by a sequined corset which forced up her massive overgrown melons for breasts. Her arms and neck were thick as spruce tree trunks, and her hair flowed and burned red like Fool’s Falls, if someone could set it ablaze. Her lips were ripe rolanberries, lashes long and curly like teasing fingers, accentuated by deep purple eyeshadow above, brightened by cheeks with heavy rouge below. Her voice was rich like a Sultana’s birthday cake, and deep like the chasm beneath Highbridge. She danced and sang and dramatized like a one-woman play. Regal and flamboyant might only begin to describe her style. And yet, as the boy’s eyes searched the room for the crowd’s enthusiasm, they were met only with men’s snickering faces, and women’s disinterested huffing. The tavern was littered with empty seats and awkward pockets of standing room. The crowd seemed entirely unimpressed by the woman’s performance. The boy could not understand: why were these people not fighting each other tooth and nail for a mere chance to glimpse the magnificence of this singer? “Get a load o’ this bloke,” said a drunken marauder as he swaggered over to a Blade standing beside the door. The marauder nodded toward the singer. “Can you believe any man’d have the balls to dress like that an’ put on a show? Somethin’ ain’t right…up there,” he tapped hard at his skull. The singer…was a man? But how? Why? The boy looked to the Blade for his answer, but the guard only waved away the marauder, then led him back to an empty seat when the drunken man insisted on elaborating. As the Blade walked away, the boy’s eyes fell to a large, gaudy bag and empty violin case leaning against the wall where the guard had stood. He looked toward the singer and noticed she, or he, was swinging a violin, then put it to her, or his, jaw and began to play. The boy’s curiosity was piqued. Tail waving, ears pinned, he pounced on the gaudy bag and yanked it open. The bag released a cloud of floral perfume in his face. As he blinked past it, what he discovered twinkled like the very stars: an assortment of fine molehair brushes, jars with brightly colored powders and thick creams, spray bottles of golden scents, lip colorsticks of red shades, and all covering a healthy pile of blonde hair at the bottom of the bag. The boy grabbed one of the reddest lip colorsticks and a handful of the blonde hair. As he pulled at the hair, some of the bag’s contents began to spill. Fearing he might attract the Blade’s attention, he rushed back out into the alley. Unsure what to do with the wig, he stuck the blonde hair pile on his head. It slipped off a couple of times before he realized it had sewn-in pins to secure it to his hair beneath. He fumbled with the pins until they finally bit down onto his frumpy green hair. Then, he removed the cap on the lip colorstick. He thought hard about how the woman’s, or man’s, lips looked, then tried to apply it by feeling around his lips. He slipped a few times, catching his chin and nose with the creamy colorstick. He tried to wipe the color off with his fingers, then balked as the yellow light from the tavern revealed his fingers were covered in red. Inside, the singer began a new song, accompanying herself, or himself, on the violin. The boy felt that was his cue. Ready with wig and lip color, he watched the singer from the crack in the door and began copying the moves. He even tried singing the words. The boy felt like a star. With the new hair and the lip color, he felt like he could be someone else besides himself: someone magical, someone famous and talented. He was no longer an alley scavenger; he was an alley celebrity. This was the life he wanted to lead: away from the loneliness, away from the stinky trash, the constant battles against hunger and foul weather. He’d never beg for another gil; people would beg him for encores. He’d never let anyone look away; he’d capture their attention forever and steal their hearts, not their makeup or wigs. The back door creaked open. The Blade who just returned to his station was looking down, following a trail of makeup supplies toward the boy. He spotted the prancing youth and pointed. “You there!” The boy froze in the yellow spotlight from the tavern. Before the huge guard, the scrawny miqo boy with the lopsided blonde wig, scribbled-on red lips, and woman’s nightshirt stood rooted and trembling. The Blade seized his bony arm before he could even think about fleeing. “Well, what have we here? A little thief in drag! My captain will bust his gut laughing when he sees the likes of you.” The boy protested as the Blade began dragging him into the tavern. A towering silhouette appeared behind the Blade. “What’s going on back here, sugar?” It was thatsame rich, deep voice from the music. As the silhouette approached, the boy's nose picked up the scent from the singer's bag. “Caught this one tryin’ to make off with your makeup.” The singer stepped into full view. The boy and singer stared at each other then, and the boy surrendered to the guard's grip. He was disheartened. This was the end of his celebrity career. The Blade loosened his grip and the boy was able to shake his arm free. The Blade prepared to grab him again, but stopped short as he watched the boy unclip his wig, then offer it, along with the lip colorstick, back to the singer. The singer accepted them, looking them over and asking, “you were in my bag, little one. You could’ve taken anything. The gil, the jewelry... why did you take these?” With an enthusiasm that disarmed both the singer and the guard, the boy looked up with his bright emerald eyes, light dancing around inside of them. “I thought you were a-ma-zing!” he answered giddily. “I never got to see a real star before! I wanted to be just like you! Just like you,” he repeated, his enthusiasm draining away, the light in his eyes distorting, turning watery. “I’m just so sick of being me. I’m sorry.” If it could make noise, the entire City-State would have heard the singer’s heart break just then. The singer lunged for the boy, scooping him up into his massive arms and hugging him so tightly, the boy yelped, and coughed at the potency of the singer's perfume. “You poor, precious thing! That settles it. You’re coming home with me.” “Hey, now--“ began the Blade. “I said he’s with ME!” retorted the singer, veins in his neck bulging, rage and spittle firing at the Blade along with his words, causing the armed guard to take a large step back and raise his arms in surrender. The singer hoisted the boy over to one arm, retrieved her or his bag and violin case with the other, then marched down the back alley from the Quicksands as the door slammed shut, the yellow light and heaps of trash shrinking away. “What’s your name, honey?” asked the singer. “Dhola,” he answered. “No, that’s a family name,” corrected the singer. “What’s -your- name?” “Dhola,” he repeated. “So, you’re Dhola Dhola?” “I dunno. I guess.” The singer chuckled. “How about I just call you D, then? D’ Dhola.” The boy shrugged. “Okay. What’s your name?” “Me? Well, there’s my stage name, then there’s my real name. Which do you want?” “What’s a stage name?” “Well, when you’re a performer like me, you take on a name so people remember you easier. No one’s gonna remember my real name. It’s so long, no one can pronounce it right, anyway!” “What should I call you, then?” The singer furrowed her, or his, precisely plucked eyebrows. “Roe Paul’s the name I’m recognized by. But you, little one? You can just call me ‘Mama.’” The boy hugged the singer, purring as the singer leaned her or his great head against the boy’s, together smiling as they turned to cross the Gold Court, pass through the Sultana’s Gate, and head for the Goblet.
  10. Does your character… ...sing to herself in the shower, but is too shy for an audience? ...take pleasure in recounting tales to friends and family? ...wish he could play that lute he inherited from his father? ...need to book entertainers for an event? Most importantly, do you yearn for greater depth in your RP scenes? Then, you need to pay a visit to The Lihndrenharm Repertory Company today! Who We Are The LihnRep is an OOC linkshell on Gilgamesh server for RP entertainers to network, announce opportunities to perform, and develop our talents together. We are musicians, storytellers, poets, dancers, actors, and comedians, and we take immense pleasure in sharing our creativity with others. We support each other during shows, and are eager help bring out the hidden entertaining talents in our fellow RPers. The LihnRep is led by D’sire Dhola, a.k.a. Amethyst Harte, who has been writing and performing original pieces for the weekly Minstrel’s Ballad “open-mic” event since December 2014. D’sire/Amethyst has hosted, directed, and scouted talent for numerous events. ICly, D’sire serves as the LihnRep’s chairman and is the primary contact for auditions and booking. His office is situated upstairs in Odin’s Rest, the community mansion at Goblet Ward 3, Plot 5. The two events regularly hosted by The LihnRep are the weekly Minstrel’s Ballad event and the monthly Vylbrenard Arts & Artisans Faire. The LihnRep is available to book for private events such as wedding receptions, banquets, nameday parties, free company ceremonies, and funerals. History of The LihnRep The roots of LihnRep can be found in the Minstrel’s Ballad, which was begun by Kai’li Lihzeh, leader of the original Minstrels whose goal was to bring RP out into the open. Of all the performers who ever graced the stage, seven in particular have taken on double-duty as hosts, talent scouts, and promoters for the Ballad. The name “Lihndrenharm” is an amalgamation of two of the letters of each performer’s family or clan names, in chronological order of the times they performed said duties. Their names are: Kai’li Lihzeh (TAO) Kyor’a Zhnaro (TAO) Alabaster Dragon (Zion) Ska & Fheyla Haken (TAO) Amethyst Harte (TAO) Thaelranath Stormbane (Raven)
  11. Hey all! I just wanted to make a note that I've created a comprehensive RP directory on the gilgamesh-rp.com website. For all my fellow Gilgamesh folks, it can be found here: The Gilgamesh RP Yellow Pages If anyone would like info added to this directory, feel free to respond to that post there. Thank you!
  12. We of Gilgamesh server have designated the last Friday of every month as an open-world RP day called "Explorzea," and we invite RPers on Balmung and any other servers to join us in this monthly celebration of spreading RP. This is both in response to the demand for more accessible RP outside of bar nights and indoor events, and to show that, although our numbers may be smaller than the non-RP populace, we are not invisible and we are a very special and talented bunch of players who deserve recognition! To this end, we of The Adamantium Order FC and many other FCs are locking down our FC houses for regular upkeep (in-character) and other reasons, and sending our members out into the world to RP loud and proud, trolls be damned. The reasons are less important than the simple act of strutting your RP creativity out in the world. Please join us in the spirit of encouraging open-world RP: lock down your FC houses and send your RP members out into Eorzea! In the immortal words of the late-70's gay rights demonstrators marching the streets of San Francisco: "Out of the bars, into the streets!"
  13. Hey all. Seems I'm the only Gilgameshian posting here, so I thought I'd share. 1. Seven months ago, an open-world performance RP event called "The Minstrel's Ballad" compelled me to give RP in an MMO a try for the first time in my life. Within a couple of months, I wrote and performed my first poem at said event. In the five months that followed, I have written and performed poems, stories, songs, and dances nearly weekly at said event with three different characters. As of three weeks ago, I have taken over hosting said event, and now am transforming one of those nights per month into a huge faire/carnival complete with vendors, street performers, mini-games, and the main attraction, the event which began it all. 2. Also, seven months ago, I was a new member in my FC, The Adamantium Order, still learning how to use custom /emotes. Today, I have the honor and privilege of being second in charge of the FC, and I host/GM weekly events for our members. In our campaigns, I have taken our 6-8 person group in-character to the Shroud, Thanalan, Binding Coil, and other dungeons. 3. I have initiated "Explorzea Day" for our FC, and have invited the entire RPC to join us. This is the day we lock the FC house for "monthly maintenance" and push everyone out into the world for open RP. My intent is to sell this as a monthly observational day, of sorts. 4. I am selling Wolves' Den Pier to the RPC as an alternative RP hub, cultivating its image to resemble Mos Eisley (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mos_Eisley) or a sort of Promenade like on Deep Space 9 (http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Promenade). To this end, I'm hosting events there and calling for more to draw attention to its many RP-facilitating features, such as the close aetheryte, pier for epic scenes, beautiful view for romantic interactions, shopkeepers with full stalls, delivery moogle for penpal RP, GC-neutral zone since all colors are hung on walls, open-air tables on the upper deck for tavern/performance events, shady areas on the inner decks for shady interactions, and more.
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