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  1. I'm honestly concerned how this will affect Australian players. The ping is already finicky to deal with..
  2. Also. I noticed that these are for sentient objects. What about a non-sentient object?
  3. It's definitely within the realm of possibilities, and if anyone has done this I can guarantee you it'd be the Sharlayans. They are quite adept at creating Familiars from all manner of non-sentient animals and items (brooms, books, frogs, owls, etc) by way of "Quickening" magicks. If a Sharlayan mage can get a broomstick to talk, I don't see why they couldn't get a book to. Nice. Do you have the sources for these quotes?
  4. So.. I'm rather noobish when it comes to lore. I've recently toyed with idea of a mute character being able to write in an enchanted book and have said book repeat what is written out loud. Is there any lore prescident for this? Or is a bit outside the realm of possibility?
  5. Hey, if there's a spot left I'd love to give this a shot! Alison Wolfshawl, Monk.
  6. Came as Tatatsu tonight! Got a lot further than I thought I would too! Had a blast!
  7. Limit break level 1 Decisive Strike Nisasi lifts her blade upwards, focusing her aether into one spot before unleashing it in a single focused sword stroke. "This is over!" -7MlNjneCuk Limit Break level 2 Sacred Earth Nisasi first takes a deep breath, allowing her aether to flow freely before focusing it into her weapon and driving it into the ground, releasing the aether in the form of a field of light that then rises. "Evil will not stand here." sDUT3NaPbwM Limit Break level 3 Righteous Assault Nisasi releases a flash of light that blinds her opponent before gathering her aether once more into her sword before unleashing a barrage of furious attacks, culminating in a final powerful stroke. "I will be your omega!" vnHoVeCCFgA
  8. Character Name: Nisasi Nisi Character Gender: Female Dunesfolk or Plainsfolk: Plainsfolk Time Zone: GMT+10 What Rp are you seeking? I am interested in any form of RP, casual or storyline! Though I am still relatively new at FF14 RP.
  9. I'll try to stalk find you in game. When are you typically online? Typically i'm on from 6 am server time to around 2 pm.
  10. *Flies in through the forums roof into the thread* Hi there! Is it still possible to jump in on this linkshell? Character is Nisasi Nisi
  11. *Loud yelling can be heard from a distance away, after a few seconds a person falls in through the roof of the forums and face plants through the floor below.* Overshot it! *Pattering footsteps can be heard as the OP makes her way back to the thread door, yes this thread has doors.* Ok! So! As stated in my thread title I am new to FF14, well ok not new I played it ages back when it first came out on the PS3, but gave it up for a time and now am picking it up again. Anyway, I am very interested in getting into the RP side of things in this game. I have already returned to my character on Balmung but I just can't quite seem to break into RP properly for whatever reason. Hence why I am here! If anyone is able to help me get started I'll be very grateful.
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