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  1. Howdy! Gladiator/ Ex-Paladin here ^^ Sounds fun! I would like to find out more! Hit me up in game M'nato Mercury or PM for my skype Hope to hear from you! I'm not looking for drama or ooc myself either ^^
  2. My character Shirashi Yayoi is a Pure blooded ninja from Doma. She might be willing to help if you can convince her too. You can mostly find her dressed as a dancer in Uldah. If you run into her feel free to drop by an rp or we can set something up ooc
  3. For the past five days my Eternity Ring looks like this. Obtaining Signature where my partners name should be. Anyone else having this problem? Or know the cause?
  4. Lyon and Rheha Mercury ^ Husband to the one the pretty cat above me
  5. oh thank you! I'll get in contact after work!
  6. Hello everyone! My name is MiMi and I'm a traveling bard that is currently seeking venues to preform at. Whether or not it is a privatly run tavern to just a normal event. I cator to them all. I have been all over the realm in search of stories.My rates are very flexible and easy to mold to fit your budget. I have been traveling and singing since I was a child riding in my family's chocobo wagon. You might be asking yourselves: Why do we want to pay you instead of another bard? I'm glad you asked! While most bards prefer the old traitional method of of song and dance my style is more along the lines of a concert with flashy effects,illusions, and up-beat rythmes to get any party started or event. MiMi how could you accomplish this task? Well again another good question but I can't tell you as it is a closly guarded secret. Sorry! Should this interest you please contact me via the information below. Thank you for your time! OCC: Server:Balmuug US Legacy My timezone: EST Schedule: Monday-Friday after 8pm est or 5pm pst Saturday-Sunday after 11pm est or 8pm pst In-Gane contact via /tell or moogle mail or fourms: Minata Mina Payment: RP gil not actual Gil Thank you for considering!
  7. Mina would like to sign up for as a Date.
  8. Mina: I would like to volunteer to be a singer and entertainer for the tavern. I'm currently unemployed. Minato Mercury in-game name
  9. I've seen you around the quicksand and I've always been shy to talk to you hehe. I hope this helps! M'nato Nitsua
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