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  1. I always roll really short, because I'm short. Generally either the shortest, or in the 20-35 range. I'm 5'10" with shoes, so I relate to a character who's almost always shorter than other males, and on par with females. I've rolled a couple exceptions, and while they have been fun to RP, or short-term non-rp fun, they never last. Dreke the wildwood elezen is the most long-lived character I've played that was tall, and he was right around 70.
  2. You fool! It has Everything to do with everything! You know not what you've done!
  3. I've always been comfortable with morally grey. I tend to avoid using the D&D alignment weals as guidelines. They are very, very narrow definitions. Like, neutral does not mean not being good or evil, and the whole point of the system originally was to be a cardinal direction for your character to relate to, and accentuate things that you do, and experience, based around his/her internal intentions. Somewhere along the line, it got turned into a completely different thing. We end up not even using it in my groups campaigns, anymore, and we end up having much more vibrant characters, and longer campaigns. Sorry to derail. Just wanted to share.
  4. First thing, I would recommend deciding your play goals. Do you intend to play a single character? Multiple? Are you as interested in being a gamer as much as a RPer? What do you plan on maxing/maining? Will you be playing multiple characters on one account, or deleting and replacing as inspired? If you can pin down your play-style and personal milestones as a player, everything will become a lot easier. Most people stick with creating a lasting character that they can experience all of the game on.
  5. Rhostel's advice is the typical picture perfect advice on the matter, but it's incomplete. (At least in my experience. No disrespect Rhostel. Honestly. I meant it more in a manner of "He covered the right response, but I would go further." Short-sighted wording. Sorry! Please forgive me! :<) If your friends have to be friends with your friends, and similarly enemies with your enemies, you're going to have a hard time making friends in general. You can't, and shouldn't choose who your friends are friends with. Everyone enjoys different relationships with everyone. So some of your friends may see an entirely different side of this person who is harassing you. What you could do is broach the subject with everyone, including him. Tell him your position and if he chooses to continue harassing you, let him know you intend /blist him for x amount of time. After that time passes, he will have the ability to try being civil again. As soon as you conclude whether you have to /blist him or not, make your mutual friends aware of your position, and if they have a problem with it, that would be their problem. Not yours. I would also suggest, that if some of them are really your friends, and really so disapproving of the way you handle your own relationships, that as your mutual friends, you would appreciate their mediation in resolving the conflict. In essence, Rhostel has the straight of it, but we all know that friendship does not mean possession, or blind loyalty, or control of said friend... ...But, be prepared to agree to disagree with your current friends. If they only need such a minor difference of opinion to change their relationship with you for the worse, than it should be for that reason that you re-evaluate your friendship. Not the reason to fold on your own feelings and emotions and cave in to the pressure of someone who will disrespect you and harass you. In short, my advice, do what you gotta do for you, and if your friends disapprove, then they're not friends of yours for the right reasons.
  6. A choco-down. A magical item said to bring all chocobo's back to any land where they had henceforth been unseen due to phase implementation plans.
  7. :chocobo: ^ I brought these to Eorzea Hiya. Not very active around the community, but I RP'd once upon a time. Some really great people welcomed me out right and heartwarmingly, which is a silly word. I made it through 1.0 with this ever growing communities extended family. I'll take some great experiences away from that... and some really shitty ones. Lookin' at you v1.0. Anyways. I bring this up as a public shout out, because while I will be around intermittently, taking part in a couple of phase 2 weekends briefly, in a couple days my schedule is going to take on more real life than is possible with leisure time. The next 4 months will be hectic, and trying, and ultimately end with my being shipped off to basic training. I'm enlisted in the military, and I'm also a husband and father of two. I'm also a full-time college student, and a full-time manager at a gas station. I love ya guys, and its been real. I wanted to leave a little thread behind for messages in the future, and I have a lot of faith in this community, and the direction of 2.0, so I'm leaving it here. Keep being awesome. Keep breaking and making gamer molds. Don't do anything I would do. Peace <3 Dreke~
  8. This. Upper-class could be an aristocratic in general, a well-off merchant-trader, a hoarded, scrupulous mercenaries, nobles' employees could be. This is true for all classes, and is quite valuable for player-player interactions, NPC-world to character understanding, and a way to associate a characters upbringing and world-view in line with a player perspective. There are multiple descriptors with-in, of course. This is the place to elaborate on your characters specifically. I agree with Deir. And you do make some valid points Lilszee. However, I don't liken Eorzea to a pre-industrial Earth, because that means that everyone is playing ancient cultures from our history, and that's not even close to an approriate description of the state of things in a sci-fi/fantasy setting. As players, obviously we can attribute references that were drawn upon to influence specific creations in a fictional setting, but we're only human. We have to. I still maintain, however, that does not imply parallels to our history. Edit: I want to point out that I put Nakil's class as lower for a very specific reason. He's broke. He has to Samurai Champloo it up when he needs something, but that does not imply that he is of a similar mind as Jin or Mugen. The point being, he wouldn't even technically be middle-class, even considering he survives without having to beg, but he does have to deal with things as they come up. Immediately. He takes a job, he works for someone, he hunts, he steals (technically the same as the former to him), whatever he needs to do, to meet the end.
  9. That's interesting. I had a character who lived in the twelveswood for a time as well. Occasionally he would have to fend off or avoid others who, convinced that he was a wildling, would track/attack him, or flee from him. Do you have similar scenarios in your characters history, or did you explain that away somehow? ((Sorry to derail the thread )
  10. Nakil only earns money when he *has* to spend it. Everything else is on an as needed basis. This technically makes him lower-class, but in his world, class has nothing at all to do with finance. He finds the entire concept absurd, since it negates all aspect of personal responsibility and skill in obtaining a thing, and shirks the one who was initially rewarded with the thing of their pride.
  11. i. Basic Info Characters: Nakil Aizam, Seeker of the Sun ♂; Dreke Lamorte, Wildwood Elezen ♂; Leira Kirin, Hellsguard Roegadyn ♀ Primary character: Nakil Linkshells: Not affiliated, but interested Primary RP linkshell: " ii. RP Style Amount of RP: Varies. Medium-Heavy, generally. I tend to involve myself in personal arcs as a way of driving the RP away from pure social interactions and typical events like work. Those are filler. I'll jump back and forth between the personal arc, someone else's on-goings, and social filler, for pacing, but I'll avoid mixing them up, or focusing on one for extended periods. (If you've read the kingkiller chronicles; that.) Views on RP combat and injuries: I love combat when everyone involved takes into account direction of the story. If you want to use /random for your own decisions, fine. However, everyone /randoming like we're rolling d20, is not. Character physique, expertise, circumstance, plot development; all of these are what I consider important. Winning, not so much. I have no qualms with sustaining injuries. Superficial ones are mostly acceptable when they're not overt. i.e. knuckles, torso scars, and other things that incite curiosity. Debilitating injuries are okay if they are treatable with modern magics and medicines. Having a character down and out for extended periods can be useful. Views on IC romance: To each their own. If the relationship follows a natural, or otherwise, progression in that direction, okie doke. I won't actively seek it out, unless RP necessity dictates that it makes sense. Views on non-romantic RP: This is everything, including romantic. I really don't see how it is avoidable, unless you are Dante, and all that you do is *bang bang bang* "Cool lines" move on to next fight. Jokes aside. Non-romantic connections are what give characters drive to do things, and since I'm always going to be RPing an adventurer, you can be sure I'm interested. Views on lore: Hard and fast laws, like chronology, elements, magic, history, should always, always be referenced and used to guide the story. When some group is exclusive to my own story, I will keep their influence on the world's shape minimal or nonexistent. As long as whatever you have going on isn't contradicting these things, do you. Views on chat functions: OoC chatter will be denoted by some functional punctionation like [[this.]]" Chat not denoted will always be IC. Linkshells that are IC should not be flooded with ((chat.)) I like to use IC shells like a codec system from MGS. Not like an always open group phone call or VOIP channel, but like a CB radio. This is all subjective preference, though. I'm willing to play it how it's intended, if necessary. iii. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: EST (UTC-5:00) Contact info: Skype: destin.dreke.harmon email: destin120808@gmail.com Steam: Potato/midir4000 [align=center][glow=blue]Character Sheet coming soon[/glow] [/align]
  12. The naming conventions follow both Hellsguard and Sea Wolf. They are more apt to adapting to Eorzean customs then their naval fairing brethren. Also, don't get tied up in trying to be 100% lore based as far as naming conventions. Those are hard and fast rules for any customs in any culture. As long as you don't run around with Xhamtaro Dickmasterx or anything, no one will treat you any different. Having a colorful name is probably just as common as anything significantly racial. As for on topic: Nakil Aizam, Male Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun (Playing a keeper in beta, but I don't like the skin tone options much.)
  13. You don't know Pepper Potts? I never had a pet of my own, and don't remember the name of the street where I was born cause I was barely 3 when we moved... It's probably for the best. o_O Also, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcajSzQX4k8 F yeah, F yeah.
  14. Great post! Very well edited as well. If not for the slick outline, I probably wouldn't have begun another "RP Guideline" post at all. (Well, probably not entirely true. I do love me some long-winded spiels. :>) So kudos, and thanks from all those who need a guide and eventually read yours. I definitely would have benefit from it when I started.
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