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  1. I would be interested in either being a bouncer or bodyguard for shipments and such. who would dare cross you when you have some to light them on fire 8D
  2. I would be interesting in joining your group though not officially mind you Will enjoys setting things, people (especially lalas for no reason at all) but tend to flirt with all the ladies.
  3. I would be interested in trying out the role ;o
  4. Welcome to balmung. if i see you around ill be sure to say hello 8D
  5. I compeltely understand how you feel, i myseelf have been feeling the same way ive been recently reaching out and i did just ifnd this website as well id be more then willing to join you in rp as well as your search
  6. Fairly new to Balmung transferred over from gilgamesh. looking to get to know people / make some friends. ingame name is the same as my username :tonberry: Timezone EST. Things that Will is looking for Heavy RP (Events,fates Dungeons etc) Romantic /platonic relationships (OOC/IC) RP linkshells. (a leader of Drakeheart)
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