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  1. Yuella

    Gods quiver armor

    http://imgur.com/a/dPIRs About the best I can do. I think I'll just stick to my serpent lieutenant uniform.
  2. Yuella

    Gods quiver armor

    Thx. I'll look around ^^
  3. Yuella

    Gods quiver armor

    http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/images/7/7e/Pascaline.png Anyone know what armor they wear? im trying to dress my character this way.
  4. Yuella

    Garleans are not Hyur

    Ishgardian Elezens are also not Wildwood. In the Ishgard page of the lorebook, their demographics are Ishgardian Elezen 80%, Midlander Hyur 20%. Rihtahtyn Sas Arvina, I think is a Garlean Roegadyn who is neither Sea Wolves nor Hellsguard
  5. warrior is a Hellsguard thing? I just can't RP my Sea Wolves as a Warrior or I just can't play a Hellsguard character that starts in Limsa Lominsa. The best thing I can think of is start Hellsguard as a gladiator in Ul'dah and make him a warrior while OOC'ing the Marauder part.
  6. Yuella

    Multiple Chars

    I have 1 main (non RP) and 3 RP characters (an Ala Mhigo Highlander refugee who becomes a sellsword in Ul'dah, a Gridanian Elezen archer and a sunseeker student in Limsa). Due to time constraint, i only have time for my main and my Elezen archer. I completed the other 2's beginning scenario. I planned to make my 3 RP characters First Lieutenant of their respective GC but couldnt find the time.
  7. Yuella

    discussion Opinion on Type of Characters?

    Sounds like a perfect background to be a Dark Knight. Maybe have her go through the Dark Knight story and then have a "Cecil" moment and finally decide to be a Paladin for good. PLD to 50, DRK to 50, then back to PLD
  8. Yuella

    Access to Ala Mhigo

    never mind. i found it. theres a clearing south east of larkscall with a path blocked with broken wheels. they even have garlean soldiers scouting the area. love the attention to details in the game
  9. Yuella

    discussion How do you RP the Main Plot?

    It's easy for me: My main character is the Warrior of Light and my alts are the companions. When I say I like to RP, I don't mean I like to RP with other players. I RP by giving my characters backstories and RP them with each other.
  10. Yuella

    Access to Ala Mhigo

    If we ever go to Ala Mhigo, it looks like we have to go to Sylph territory in the East Shroud. Or maybe they will create an access from the northeast part of South Shroud
  11. Anyone have any idea on how much time passed between story arcs? For starters, some time seems have to passed between completing the opening 15 levels and the 3 starter dungeons because when you go back to your adventurer's guild to do the 3 starter dungeons, they welcome you like you've been gone for awhile I also think a few weeks or months passed between Ifrit arc and Titan arc, again betwen Titan arc and Garuda arc, also between Garuda arc and Operation Archon due to the optional dungeons. (Halatali between Ifrit and Toto-rak, Qarn and Cutters Cry between Titan and going to Ishgard, Dzemael Darkhold and Aurum Vale between Garuda and Cape Westwind). The Warrior of Light probably have time to do these dungeons before being called by Minfilia to continue the main story.
  12. Yuella

    General Lore Questions

    Interesting. Duskwight might be interesting to roleplay. I already have a character idea. A duskwight student at the lancer guild being bullied by his classmates. Only Ywain believes in him. Becomes good friends with Foulques and has to make a choice in joining Foulques and forsaking the lancer guild.
  13. Yuella

    General Lore Questions

    Is the Duskwood the "black sheep" of the playable races? Their official description says they work as thieves. The lancer quests especially have this duskwood villain and the "of course it's the duskwood" comment at the end gives the impression that duskwoods have bad reputation. the gladiator queses also have you fight duskwood lancers.
  14. Damn. I hate playing a male character. Change of plan. Since I won't have time to play 8 characters anyway, I'm going to reduce my characters to 5 "good looking" female Midlander WHM, from Gridania Highlander PLD, from Ul'Dah Wildwood DRG, from Ishgard Raen NIN, from Doma Seeker SMN, from Limsa Lominsa Incidently, those are the 5 jobs of the FFIV final party, which is my favorite game ever.
  15. I've created my Jane Eyre character. Im loving her so far! Much more interesting than Wuthering Heights. Blonde swordfighter ftw ^^