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Seraphine Info...

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Why are you filling this out now - you've been here for a long time?:

Hey! The forums haven't even been here that long!


Long enough! You could have done this months ago:

I know, but I'm lazy.


Then why now?:

I'm bored I guess. Plus I haven't slept a lot. Is there any way to make this form more entertaining?


... Like how?:

I dunno... maybe throw in some trivia.



Oh... then how about giving out free pie!


I like lemon custard.:



RL Info (if you want):

... Was that the first question?


No, this is...:

Oh, okay, good. I was worried for a second.


RL Name:

Could I be called Christina?


Is that your name?:

Well, I've always been partial to it.


... No. RL Name:

Eh, Leanne I guess. Blame my mother for that one.


RL Age:

Psht! A lady who will tell her age will tell anything.


Sensitive. Country:

I'd say Canada, but they have curling... so I guess the US.



Eastern. Although living in Trenton is like being stuck in a early 90's Tarantino movie no matter what time it is.


You mean like Jackie Brown?:

No, more like Reservoir Dogs.


RL Gender:

Dispite a collection of Magic cards and Star Wars action figures - female.


--Why do you like to RP?

What's with the dashes suddenly and where did the : go?


-- We're mixing it up a little... now answer the question!

It's a great way to use your imagination while socializing with others.


-- You mean all your friends are dorks and nerds?

Yes. I mean - no! Mostly I like going on adventures with my friends and seeing what our combined imaginations can do. Right now I play in a Final Fantasy 11 based D&D game with my friends on Sunday nights. My character is the only lawfully good party member and so she gets to be the target of all the "evil" characters. Currently she's trying to save the middle lands from being torn apart by war, revive the paladin guilds, and kill the Arkangels who infused her with magicite before it kills her. In normal D&D I play a bard named Karyn who dreams of becoming a virtuoso. On her way to fame she makes an enemy of a former werewolf, helps her friends defeat a rampaging calzone monster, and destroys the life's work of a evil mage. We even made the mage tower out of d20's.


-- So you *and* your friends are dorks and nerds. Next question:



Next question:


RP Preferences:

Are we back to using : again instead of --


--Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game?

Eh, this doesn't tend to work out so well in my opinion. In a tabletop game it's easier to work out then online. If I want to pwn people I'll log on my WoW characters and kill some Horde.


-- You play Alliance?

Yeah, Orcs are just way too ugly and don't get me started on undead! Although I guess technically my Death Knight is undead...


--Psht... only noobs play Death Knight now. What is your preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc)

Well, since I don't like to RP fight scenes this question is really-


-- Answer the darn question!

Oh... umm... I guess if it's part of a storyline and appropriate for my character to react that way then I guess just work something out with me before we start.


--Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss, comas, etc.)

No, I'm clumsy enough in real life so I don't need to pretend.


-- Not even a bruise or a cut?

I'm not really into the idea of losing a limb, eye or other major body part. A coma is fine but everyone seems to have that happen to them so it's a little cliched. Things that will mend easily enough with time is what I prefer.


--Are you willing to let your character die permanently?

... Why? - Are you plotting against me?


-- Perhaps.

I'm not really willing to let a character die permanently. Faking their death is fine or just having them disappear is preferable. I'm sleeping with the lights on now >.>


--Are you willing to RP romance in game? How far are you willing to go?

Are you getting fresh with me?!?


-- No, seriously! People want to know this stuff. Castiel said be detailed as well ;)

Nope, not really willing to RP a romance with anyone. If someone really wants to know why then they can PM me and I'll politely explain my views on it.


-- What??! But RP is all about romance and hook ups, right?

That's a stereotype!


-- Well, what if a character develops a crush on you or something?

Then I'll handle it as my character would. As a general guide, if they don't know the other person too well they'll be creeped out by it >.> If it's someone they care for as a person and like spending time with then I don't mind working out some sort of storyline around that - just don't be disappointed.


--What kind of non-romantic RP relationships are you willing to take part in? (family ties, etc)

Hmm... I don't mind having siblings, cousins, etc as long as they have similar backgrounds and it makes sense. However, I'm not up for making long term RP relations with just anyone. I'd prefer to be fairly close friends OOC before committing to something I might regret later.


--How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray?

Part of the fun is making a character that could actually live and breath in that world so I'm not interested in breaking away from that. Small things don't bother me but glowing eyes, supernatural powers, odd family histories, etc. just don't impress me.


-- I have blue glowing text, does that impress you?

No. Plus it's not really glowing.


-- In my reality it does!

Well, get over it. Your text doesn't glow and people's eyes don't either. Nor do they drink blood, fly or get possessed by demons more then once a year.


--Views on chat functions (IC vs OOC)?

I don't mind OOC comments marked with ( ) in party chat, but I really don't like it in guild chat at all. I also don't like roleplaying in /tells or whispers unless the person is standing right next to my character and they have specific reason to. If you send me a /tell I'm going to assume you're talking OOC and I'll respond that way as well.


--Are you looking for Cross-guild Rp?

Hmm... more likely then not I'll be roleplaying with people in my guild on a day to day basis. However, if I meet another roleplayer or have a friend in a different guild I'll definitely roleplay with them.


--How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread)

Well, I prefer all messages to be sent to my home wrapped in hundred dollar bills and diamonds >.>


-- ...

Alright, I guess a PM is fine. If you want to you can IM me at SariahBelmont.


-- That's a weird AIM screen name...

It's a long, long story. Just feel free to add me. Be forewarned that on Sunday's my account gets abducted for Final Fantasy D&D sessions so if you message me you'll be recruited to help me save the Middle Lands. You can also e-mail me at [email protected]. My facebook is Leanne Bailey but if I don't know you then I'm not going to add you, obviously.


-- Is there anything else you'd like to add?

No, not really.


-- Are you sure? - No one likes to fill out boring forms and answer endless questions. I get lonely sometimes.

... I'm leaving now.

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Eastern. Although living in Trenton is like being stuck in a early 90's Tarantino movie no matter what time it is.


Living in any part of New Jersey is like being stuck in an Early 90's Tarantino movie. In fact, it's alot like any and all Kevin Smith films ever. The QuickStop is 20 minutes up route 18 from my house >>

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As far as convenience stores seem to go, this one doesn't seem like it would be a bad one to work at. One of my standout memories from being an Okie was laughing at the name for a good 15 minutes or so... :lol:


Suffice it to say, Dante is awesome! And weird though Jersey may be, I'm still looking forward to taking some time off work and visiting the southern part of the state in late summer or early fall.

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MTG ftw! I still have a huge collection sitting in my closet >.>. Only two of my buddies actually played and neither provided much of a challenge sadly. It's also a good source of inspiration for some RP believe it or not :D

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Wow Dy... wow. So many jokes but I think I'm just gonna let it go >.>


I definitely agree with you, Cas. When I first started playing magic all my D&D friends had decks that matched their characters personality. Right now I have a paladin and I've been dying to make a white deck around her. They're going to be releasing a magic 2011 intro pack called Blades of Victory soon which are all soldiers and knights. I'm planning on gutting it to make a all female knight/soldiers/angels deck to suit that character. Her nemesis in D&D is a mage who focuses on fire magic so he's got a red deck that represents his character and I can't wait to see them face each other.

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Some of you people who play magic need to come to New Jersey and join my Ice Age Block Tourny! No body here wants to participate because I won the last 2 tournaments and they don't want to play me any more. Y~Y


As far as Magic and RP... Gerrard Capashen all the way!

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