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Gahhh come on! (mini rant)

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So close to Ishgard, 10 quests left and I cannot find a que for Steps of Faith for my life.


All throughout the day I've been queuing up for this and so far not a single pop. I have to log off because I ran out of time that's how long it's taken.


5th time queuing for it now and like all other times today, average wait time is less than 5 minutes and for the 5th time I'm looking at over a 45 minute que.


Is this thing bugged or something? Not once has it located a second player!


So close to Ishgard, 10 quests, I could easily be there in the next several hours if this thing would just pop for me!

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Well there's a couple of things going on with this.

I've noticed Fridays are generally quiet on the server.


BUT it's extra quiet because TwitchCon is going on I think here in SF a lot of people I know who play this game have gone to it.


With this said; should you need assistance, I can probably procure you a tank and a healer and some DPs through my FC/LS. :)

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That's weird. I was also getting my Roe into Ishgard, and had to do Steps. It DID take a while to pop - 25-30 minutes, I think - but it did pop, and I even had to do it twice when the first group abandoned because nobody wanted to use the cannons and the dragonkillers.


Perhaps it was just an odd time.

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