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Gilded Rose Presents! The Tournament of Champions! Dec 11 8pm EST

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*fliers would litter the streets and walls of the major cities, some minor ones as well*



[align=center]Come on Come all![/align]

[iC Random announcer]

The Gilded Rose proudly invites you to their first ever Free Company Champions Tournament! You heard it hear first! You might be asking yourself, 'What is the purpose of this event?' Well my friend I am here to tell you! We think that no matter what, not matter the differences Companies should come together every once in a while. So what better way to do that by having someone from each company beat the tar out of each other. So come on down! Pick you companies champion, collect your entry fee, and sign up! But wait! Don't have a free company! No problem! An allotted six spots will be available for those who have not a company to call home!



OOC: That is right folks. After debating and debating upon this we decided to just do it and see how it goes. So here is the nitty gritty.


As many free companies are allowed to sign up that show up, and like the above post, we are letting people who aren't in a FC to show up as well.


For those Free Companies wishing to have their champion show their might you must...well have a champion! Pick your best fighter and collect your fee. Because this is a FC Champ tournament the entry fee is 25k. This is because we figured those in FC's would be able to draw from everyone to put some in your pot to enter. 


Those not in FC's, the entry fee is 25k as well.


Don't want to participate? Donations are MORE then welcome to help make the pot larger.


In the end the decided victor will amass a nice 30% of the winnings.


Not a fighter? Come and watch! Support your friends/Free Company/Lover you name it!


So gather your company. Pick your champion and prepare them!



(Sign ups now open to Linkshell Groups as well!)



When?: December 11th 2015

Time?: 8:00PM Eastern Time.

Where?:Eastern Thanalan (14,24) Just outside of Camp Drybone


Fights will be a bracketed series depending on how many sign up.

Like the grindstone this will be a first to 3 hits. But This is a all goes fight. Meaning Magical and Physical prowess is allowed.



Please feel free to show interest/question/etc in the posts below. I will answer what I can.



Confirmed Entrants


FC Champions:

Yuki Kurenai - Gilded Rose

Togy Brandmakt (Mr. Mask) Defending Title for 'The Masks'

Altonio Salaphonte - Fireborn

Y'uraq Tia - The Vault Reavers

Roger Holmes - The Wondering Tonberries

Tatsumi Hanateru - Arcadeus

Aoi Obinata - Remnant

Flynt Reddard - Rising Claws

Yukari Shirogane - Sanctuaire Du Perle

Tsukige Malqir - Crimson Phoenix

Domino Quixote - NB




Free Fighters:

Andras Astora (The Crow)

Anrai Sinclair

Blake Forester

Zachary Evans

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We wanted something that would involve a lot of Free Companies and there is a love of fighting we've noticed on this server (that and auctions). So, we figured having a tournament based on Champions of each Free Company (or group) could give a continuous thing to put us against each other in friendly competition.


So come! Set your champion against ours!

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To be completely candid it sounds like a cash grab more than a community event, seeing how after the math is applied, the profits made toward staff compared to potential winnings, on top of entry fees, outweigh the incentive to want to participate. It's an alright concept, sure, but the price will no doubt be a deterrent in interest and participants, speaking from experience.

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Should there not be enough sign ups, we do plan to have the prize move up from the 30%. We don't want the prize to be underneath the initial entry fee.


Also, what is left over will be used towards our Free Company fund towards a house when they open. Something many people do. The fee is only as high as it is because it is geared towards Free Companies and not singular people. We do understand that a fee will deter people from entering. We are aware of this as we had deliberated over this for some time.


We would kindly like this thread to be geared more towards promoting the event and not debating about the entry fee please.

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I was simply making my stake in the idea from face value, which I know for certain is also a shared opinion. I could get into the logic that an FC fund is literally just a fancier way of saying "Yes it's shared among individual people", but that would cause the thread to derail. I just implore you reconsider your method of marketing an event geared towards roleplayers who for damn sure don't want to pay 25k (which is actually quite a bit for new players who have not met endgame, even on 2.0 content). If I'm making a wrong assumption, correct me, I don't want to misinform anybody.

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You're aware members of the RPC are a vast minority in comparison to players in game, right? You managed to get the interest of the minority without factoring the majority in which you're going to garner the most attention from with in game advertising, hearsay, and inter-FC/LS/Tell sharing. You just forgot to take a look at the bigger picture, is all. It happens, honestly not a big deal.

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I'm interested but I'm also not going to front 200k so I can enter solo.


Which means I'd be all over this if the pricing were different. As is I have to ask my FC for permission, come up with 200k (I am not a rich man), and from there lose that 200k because RNGsus is an unkind and wrathful god.


In short the cost for 'glory' is steep here for those of us who are in FCs and but just want to punch people in the face regardless of Glory.


I'll enter if Hammer can come in under independent. Otherwise I doubt I'll be able to scrape the money for it, much less get my FC to just hand me a tidy sum like that.

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