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Hello there! Veteran RPG nerd here, but still -relatively- new to FF14. Joined up a coupla months ago, and it's safe to say that I'm staying. :)



--MMORPG background



Oh man. I got a super early start with Ragnarok Online -the really old one with the sprites and...rocky levelling progression- and jumped onto WoW in its nascent years (November 23. 2004 will always be special to me). Stuck with WoW for 10+ years while diddling in other MMOs (Neverwinter/Guild wars 2/Star Trek Online) and finally settled on FF14 after being prodded by a friend to try it out. I'm Loving It 


--RP experience



I used to do alot of this in the early 2000s. Mostly chatrooms/MSN messenger -who remembers this? :D- with friends, LiveJournal -wow I feel old- and forums, etc etc. Sometimes I'd sneak tiny RP bites into Diablo 2 roflstomping sessions with said friends too. Then yeah the 10 years ish of WoW, till I finally left...though I still miss the Forsaken DK I RP'd on Wyrmrest Accord.


And now I'm here on this forum, waxing poetics on how I got my first RP experience on a forum, and now I'm posting on an RP forum again, almost 20 years later. Full circle indeed. ;v;


--Character ideas/info


I play Svarthrafn LongRoegName, a shy, oversized Roegadude and currently one of the heaviest -or so he thinks- objects able to achieve VTOL via dragoon jumps. He also likes dancing and secretly feels proud of himself when he dodges a Bad AoE Thing flawlessly because of mad footwork skills. I'm also trying to in-corporate my bloodthirst and need to go beat up things for loot into his personality ICly. LOOT FOR THE LOOT GOD! ESOTERICS FOR THE ESOTERIC THRONE!



I also made a thing for him on the RPC wiki, so you can go check that out if you so wish. :)


--How did you learn about the coalition?



Lurked the RPC wiki for a bit, finally decided to go make an account and introduce myself, and here I am.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



I can be either of the three depending on timezones and time constraints. Being an adult is hard. :( I also like to think of myself as pretty open to new RP ideas, but I put my foot down when OOC drama is involved. 


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)



Currently I have a jerb as a game artist where I make/model/paint nice things to be put into nice games. Also I live in Singapore, so it's a different timezone (+4 to 11 hrs ahead depending), so it's hard for me to join most RP events unless everyone else is a night owl. We're 2 hours behind the Aussies; it is currently 4:22pm where I type this. 


And that covers everything. Look forward to meeting more night owls!

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Welcome to the RPC! :D I hope that pic in your avatar is your character because he looks stoked about something haha.


Yeah it's him. He's stoked because those shades make him look like a handsome devil   he has the owlet minion! Now he needs to farm for the Gaelikitten one...xD


Oh my, another 10 year wow player smile.gif There ain't that many of us, welcome to this shiny place ^^


Thanks because most others have good tastesmile.gif lol


Welcom to the RPC!


Hahaha, WoD was the last straw for me. :( I just didn't want to pay to get disappointed anymore. And yes, this place is indeed shiny and I look forward to eventually meeting and RPing with you all!

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