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[9-29-2015] Cleaning - End of September

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Per this thread, both Linkshell Hall and the Directory of Contacts for New Players will be cleaned out on 10-06-2015. Any and all Linkshell, Free Company, and/or Personal Listings that do not have a recent post for the month of September will be archived.


If you have a thread that becomes archived, please notify a moderator/admin via PM or post here and it can be unarchived. Do note that LS/FC entries may lose their special tabs (and the information in them) because the content is not normally savable by archive.


Thank you!


edit: The dawn of a clean Linkshell Hall is here!



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The Lynxshell was removed last month it seems. Can it be revived?




Similar to the normal rules, please give it a bump/keepalive post, as it'll get triggered for archival again with a last-post date of 07-30-2015.


Thank you!

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Blood Oath Legion's post has been archived, as it was not updated in time.  =Oc  Wondering if I can get it posted again~




Please make sure it looks OK. The archiving process can do some weird stuff on occasion.


Everything seems to be in order, thank you ser!


Don't forget to give it an update post though! When the threads are archived, this is done by looking at the last_post date.


Mods can always clear away old/unneeded keepalive posts/bumps

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Hello!  I think my FC LS page, http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=9503 , has been moved to inactive again.  We are still an active group.  Would it be possible to be moved to active status?  I wanted to ask before remaking a new thread.  Thank you!


I've moved it back! (And moved your post to the most recent Archival Announcement)


...we've gone back to archiving linkshells that do not have at least one post per month (October's ending soon! Please get one in!)


A new thread will be posted in the Forum Announcements board when the next "archiving period" is about to begin.


Do note that editing the main post does not adjust the last_post date, which is what moderators will use to determine if a linkshell is still active. If we don't see a 10-XX-2015 (or 11 if we post the notice a little late), it'll get archived again.

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