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[Balmung] The Bi-Weekly Excursion


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[align=center]On the Behalf of the Adventurers' Guild[/align]

[align=center]And Other Interested Parties,[/align]


[align=center]The Adventuring Public is Hereby Invited to submit RÉSUMÉS[/align]

[align=center]Indicating their Aptitude for adventuring, research, combat, etcetera,[/align]



[align=center]With the Intent of Participating in the Bi-Weekly Exploratory Excursion,[/align]

[align=center]A Joint Venture between the Adventurers' Guild, and Oliwat Kokiwat, the Very Last of the Rattlepacks,[/align]



[align=center]A Venture Dedicated to the Exploration and Protection of the Realm,[/align]

[align=center]And the Uncovering of its Secrets,[/align]



[align=center]Taking Place on the Fifth Sun of Every Other Week.[/align]


























Tired of rolling around in a tavern every day? Try this out instead! Similar in theme to adventurous adventures such as Indiana Jones and the Adventures of Tintin, the Bi-Weekly Excursion is an every-other-week series of events that is designed to get people out of the house and into the world doing Things. Some of these will be stand-alone episodes, others may be tied together into larger plots, or tied together in ways that will have to be slowly uncovered elsewhere. Activities performed during Excursions include but are not limited to:



-- Map-making and Surveying



-- Getting lost.



-- Getting horribly lost.



-- Dear god, where the hell are we?



--  Dungeon Delving.



-- Categorizing and Dissecting Creatures.



-- Ancient Allagans built the pyramids.



-- Defending Things.



-- Archaeological Expeditions.



-- Finding Stuff that People Lost.



-- Mysteries.



-- ???



-- Doing that cool new airship raid exploration thing next patch.









Usually, the Excursions will follow the following format: We meet up at an Aetheryte somewhere in the area (if close to a city, we'll meet there instead), and then go do The Thing that we were going to do, and then go back to the nearest settlement for disbanding. When groups meet in settlements or cities with taverns, we'll meet at the tavern instead because that's more fun than standing around outside by an Aetheryte like a bunch of NPCs.


For most events, there will be a size-cap of exactly eight people (counting myself; that makes seven people that are not me) in order to keep things manageable and also fit us all into a single party. This may wax and wane depending on the event in question, but eight people will be the standard limit.


For longer or more intricate plotlines, smaller events might take place on the side, usually with smaller amounts of people. These will either be things that require a smaller group (such as dungeons), or roleplay scenes that will generally only take a little bit of time (research, inquiries, investigation, etcetera).


Weekends tend to be packed with events, so I've scheduled these for Thursdays. If other days work better for people, the time can be changed because I'm pretty flexible. But, for now, we'll be doing these at 9 EST / 8 CST / 6 PST, Every Other Thursday, hopefully starting next week depending on how many sign-ups I get from now until then. Although ICly you are welcome to bring an inexperienced character, do note that some Excursions will venture into high-level content. That said, I'm looking to use a balance of level-zones so that everyone can get some action if they want it.


The first Excursion will be Archaeological, and will take place in the Sagolii Desert on October 15th. More information (meeting place, purpose, etcetera) will become available closer to the meeting date.




1.) Anrai Sinclair


2.) Ser Doric


3.) Altonio Salaphonte


4.) Nalli Blythe


5.) Nhia Nahri





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Postponed to this coming week, since only two people ended up being around.


That said, please reaffirm your interest! I'd like to keep people on who already signed up, but if other people who come along want in, they might end up taking some slots if I don't hear back from the people I didn't see (Altonio and Nalli, you guys are safe since we already talked).

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  • 1 month later...

Is this still going on?


It will be resuming soon, hopefully. I was caught up in some other things, which were compounded by some Real Life busyness.

 Not a problem! I'm just looking for regular events I can get Nef involved in, make some new friends and whatnot. ^_^

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