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Traveling Miqo'te Entertainer looking for more Friends and a RP FC

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*Dances down the street playing a lively tune on her mandolin as her fluffy tail whips about.*


Hello there!


You might have seen that emote once or twice in you own travels. That is Mimiko Miyuki a wandering entertainer/bard/dancer/party girl. :love: Mimi's RPC Wiki Page :love: Since I had a baby a little over 5 months ago Ive been slowly getting back into FFXIV in short bursts of time. I have to say its awesome being a mommy and my lil one does come first. :D  But during my absence most of my friends have moved on or have made other characters. So with having limited time due to my mommy duties, I can still enjoy a little bit of rp now and again. So Im looking for more people to meet out and about in the world, and Im also looking for a rp fc. The FC Im in currently is a very nice fc, but is not a rp fc and its been very quiet there. hehe.


So if you see Mimi wandering around the city streets or relaxing in the hot springs of Bronzelake or the beaches of Costa, don't be shy stop on by and make a new friend.

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Welcome back!


I do remember seeing you once or twice a few months ago and it's good to see you are returning. Rini enjoys bumping into new people of all types and I'd be glad to give you a few new connections. You can PM me for any details or just send me a friend request ingame. :D


We do have a FC that is starting up and we could use a singer, dancer, or just people who like to drink and carry on in general; Link is here but it is a WIP


Take care and good luck. : )

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