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Roegadyn orphan raised by Keeper Miqo'te

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I know there's a lot of RP and character backgrounds where a Miqo'te was raised by Hyur or some other race.  I think a lot of people do this to help get around the tribal lore of the Miqo'te.  There's nothing wrong with that at all.


But I don't think I've heard much about an orphan from another race being raised by Miqo'te.  Is there any reference to that in the lore or anything that would prohibit such a thing?


I have this idea of a Roegadyn being raised by a family of Keepers.  The child would undoubtedly feel awkward despite every attempt to fit in and the reassurances from others that they are a true member of the family (unless those kind of feelings are in contradiction to the lore).  I had the vision of this 6 year old Roegadyn towering over the Miqo'te children and how weird that must have been.  And I see this small giant trying to be lithe and quick.  But instead of darting through the forest, they mostly crash through.


They might insist on being an archer as that's a tradition among Keepers.  I like the idea that their discomfort eventually leads them to leave the family to find themselves but still has a hard time fitting in and still retains some Keeper behaviors that others might find strange.


It's just something I'm thinking about.  I'm committed to Mia Moui but I wouldn't mind having this Roegadyn character in my back pocket, if it doesn't mess with the lore.

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I don't think it messes with the lore anymore so than what people have already been doing with the Miqo'te/hyur child raising. You are simply swapping the races around.


You should even give him a Miqo'te name so lore hounds come after you hard.

Also make him a Nuhn, they'll love you for it:)


That last part is a joke.

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I think it would be heavily altered by the -how- of the Keepers around him.


How did the head of the family decide he should be raised?


How much of his origins did he know growing up? How much of that caused conflict? How did his family deal with it?


How did he fit in? Did he ever find a place within Keeper society? How did he explore his position?


There's so many questions to ask:


1. Did he ever consider himself different from everyone else?

2. How did he deal with the gender differences in Keeper society?

3. How close was he to his foster siblings?

4. Was he given special accomodations at times? Was he ever considered exempt from the "rules" (such as marriage, warrior/hunter obligations) and if he was, did he resent this?

5. Did his lineage make him stronger in his environment? Or did it ultimately make him weaker? Of mind and/or body?

6. How interested was he in his own blood line? Did he ever take an interest in learning about his own people and their culture? Did he ever buy books or study it? Did he ever long to be a part of that?

7. If he did want to be a part of his own culture, how did his family respond? Were some of them encouraging? Accepting? Tolerant? Or resentful?

8. Does he consider himself a Keeper of the Moon?

9. How does he deal with sleep cycles?


If you just keep asking questions like this and writing down the answers, you can learn a whole lot about the character you are trying to make

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Fitting Miqo'te in with other races works because other races are generally more tolerant depending on location.


In pretty much any scenario I can think of in game where tribal Miqo'te are represented they just....do not seem like the kind to welcome outsiders. In fact. they are often portrayed shirking them. I see it being a very grudging process for the child. Kind of like Tarzan and Kerchak if you've seen the Disney movie.


This definitely would be the case for tribal Seekers in my opinion. Keepers seem a little more flexible since they've been lore-ignored. I'd say if a Matron decided she was adopting this Hyur/Roe/Lala baby then I don't see anyone else questioning it but he might be subject to mama's boy teasing. 


My personal 2 cents.

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The way I'm thinking about it is that the baby is discovered washed up, miraculously surviving some tragedy out at sea.  The Miqo'te that finds them is a fisher as she cannot reliably hunt anymore because of injuries sustained in the Calamity.  This disaster also robbed her of being able to have a child of her own.  


I imagine the matriarch would refuse at first, but unable to deny this sister a chance to raise her own.  What's more important than family to a Keeper?  The other questions asked above are really good and I'll think about them.  One aspect I would give the character was a consistent feeling of not belonging.  Not because anyone said or did anything, but just because it's impossible to not know you're different.  As I said, I was adopted and never felt like I was truly part of the family.  So that's the character's motivation for leaving the family to find themselves, which is also what I did at 17.


Some of these questions might only apply to a male character.  I haven't decided what gender they would have.  Being a male might complicate things as there are different expectations for a male.  Staying at home might not be an option.  If the character were female, it's entirely possible that they could stay in that family their whole lives. It's seems to be implied that the only way a Keeper female is separated from their family is through tragedy.  That may be why there are so few Keeper NPCs, they just never leave home on a long-term basis.


Lots to think about.

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