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Looking for FC/RP

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Hello! I am a bit on the newer side to Balmung and to RP in FF14. Trying to get my bearings straight and trying to find a good home for my character. A few things about myself as a player. I am a mid-core player and primarily play healers though you may see me eventually make a tank alt, and while I do have rp experience outside of FF14 I am a bit rusty. I am looking for a medium-rp FC to call home, though of course I wouldn't mind joining any LS either or just meeting people. I am a bit shy at first and have some anxiety issues just barging in (which is why you will see me at the edges of events or alone in a tavern as those situations can make me anxious) but I would really like to get into RP as it does give the game a different sort of life, that and I love writing. 


My only character on Balmung currently is Rhela Aliapoh who is a Keeper Conjurer who has left the shroud by her own choice to explore Eorzea. She is generally kindhearted and helpful and is always looking for adventure. She can be a bit of a prankster and always likes a good laugh. Currently in addition to being a Conjurer IC I am also looking at expanding her knowledge into Astrologian, not sure how to do it yet but it is a work in progress. Her wiki is here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Rhela_Aliapoh . Will say this its not as complete as I would like so it may change soon, just as soon as I finish brain storming up what else I want to add. 


Anyway hope to find a home that fits for her so she can grow and her story can continue. Happy trails and see you in game ;)

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Wayfarers would also love to have you. :3


We focus on the Adventuring life and the Tavern scene, but with the perspective that anyone who walks through the door that needs a home is welcome; A family of wanderers you could say, or, well, wayfarers. : P

We support new players to the game and those trying to get into RP, or back into RP in some cases, and really try to give characters a chance to make connections with other people; this applies to people in the FC and out. Either way, we would love to meet you!


More info is here and if you have any questions feel free to me a PM. :)


Happy hunting!

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