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Xaela warrior looking for work

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Who I am


Hello~ I am Cabriole, or Cabby for short. I'm a medium to heavy rper, and use EST. I have an irregular job, so sometimes I'll only be on early morning and late night, or regular times that normal people get off. I check this site pretty regularly, so I can be reached here, or definitely in game. I also have a skype account, just ask if you want it~



A little about Yerentai


Yeren comes from the Iriq tribe, and he's fresh off the boat, so to speak. Only in the city a few months, he tends to keep to himself when in the main thoroughfare. He's a warrior, and has a sense of honor that he just can't seem to part with. Tending to treat everyone the same, he's grown himself a small batch of friends. But every good merc needs more, and every individual deserves a little drama.



What I'm looking for


The whole nine yards. Friends, complications, work, an FC, and everything in between. Do you have a job that needs a stoic, intimidating Xaela? Or need to add another person to your drinking circle? I want to immerse him in so much that his head spins. If you think you can use him, I wanna know! Open to every kind of plot.

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Sounds good :3 Yeren would definitely need a healer to take care of all the bumps and scrapes he'd inevitably get from good-natured {and probably some ill-natured} brawls. He'd probably also appreciate someone to teach him... civilized customs. Because he has none himself.

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I'd love to get to know this character even if just as a business standpoint. ^^ Always looking to get more contacts and ic reasons to use my character's craft. Or even just drinking companions or some small talk.

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Wayfarers of Eorzea is technically a mercenary company even if they don't prefer to use that title. The members take jobs from either other players or we create them from an NPC. This can include IC dungeons with plot, investigation, silliness, escorting a NPC, etc etc. The FC created jobs usually consist of a DnD style Roleplay where it's up to your character to act and react to their surroundings and events.


Also, aside from the company board jobs, we have an ongoing plot throughout the FC as a whole. If you would like a teaser on what this consists of Stroud has posted a little something here.


Aside from adventuring, we run an IC tavern that is in the works before being opened to the public. Most of our casual RP happens in the tavern where the members talk, argue, and have their slice of life RP. There is no standard for who can join so there are many people from different walks of life involved; even a family with children. We aren't military, we are a family bound by the struggles of life that we share together.


If any of this interests you feel free to send me a PM. Whether you want to be an adventurer, a waitress, or even just a refugee looking for a home, we would love to meet you even if you decide to join a different FC. Our doors are open to all.


Take care and good luck in your hunt!

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