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No idea how to begin


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Hi! I play on Balmung, but I've yet to begin RPing as I'm not sure how to initiate it.


Currently bumming around Ul'dah while I try to work up the courage to interact with someone.


I'm not sure if this is the right place for my character's backstory, so I'll hold off for now.

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Welcome! Feel free to poke me sometime on the game for im always up for RP, also for character back stories most use the Wiki, and there is a forum for people to post in if they are looking to meet more people to rp with where u can say what your character is like, etc. And if people are interested they can respond!

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Breaking the ice is always the hardest part. Some things that worked for me was to just stand around and listen to other people. Get an idea of who their characters are, a feel for how they roleplay. Also check out the town square forum to see people's stories here. Make note of character names you want to look for. Or others of like minds. Once you feel more comfortable with the RPers around you it will make introductions easier.

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I've been RPing on FFXIV for years, and I still have trouble initiating RP... it helps to have confidence I suppose. xD


That said, if you hang around the Quicksand for long enough, you're likely to see an RP going on at some point... dunno what the normal etiquette for joining such an RP is, though (whether you just casually join in or send a tell or just send an OOC message over /say or what...), but I'm sure someone here can help with that.


Best bet is to get yourself within an RP group/LS/FC or make some friends within the community who you feel confident in asking for RPs...


But I guess that's what the forum is for... connecting with others and such. So yeah, there sub-forums here for finding people to RP with, wiki pages for character bios and all manner of tools to set things up~

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Well as basics (even advanced goes) dip into this great resource on what RP is [The Role-Play Handbook]


Also if starting I'd recommend you check out the [RP Linkskell & Free Company Lists for Balmung] for things that suit you.


Also go along to the events advertised on this site, but I would suggest the smaller ones rather than mass gatherings if you are starting out.


You can try your luck at walk up RP, but I would suggest a beginner friendly FC is probably your best bet.

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Friend Mia Moui


If you see me out and about, I'm almost always ready to stop and RP.


My advice is to think about what you'd do if you were really, really in your character's shoes.  Me?  I'd ask for directions or where I could get some food or maybe talk about whether or the event (if there's one going on - I love events for this reason).


Some people talk to NPCs and that, to me, is an open invitation.  I've tried but it's not for me.


An RP FC is also a good place to find RP - maybe more than one might be comfortable with.  A well-established FC can be hard to jump into but if they offer IC events, try to be there as there'll probably be more chances to get in on the story.

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Don't worry about the backstory too much!  They can be helpful, but honestly, are kind of overrated.  Just try to think of as starting point for personality and basic concept, and then go from there!  Start interacting and you may feel your character crystallizing before you start setting any backstory in stone! ^^

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I remember making a post to a topic similar to this!


Like most said, the go-to place is the Quicksand. People of many different varieties frequent the place, but you must remember: it's hit and miss. Sometimes you may not get a good RP contact one night, and the next night you may get four at once.


Alternatively, going to public events--adverted on the index page near the upper left and in the RPC calender--is a great way to get your character some publicity.


And if there's that special someone you want to seek out and RP with? Send them a tell. The worst they can really do is say no.

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