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Relatively New (Opinions Needed)

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The Curious Scholar


Going to post what I have come up with for a background and would like opinions and ideas on any improvements or anything


As well as what the character is like after the background story


From a very early point in life Gallien was a very curious child. He grew up in Limsa, where his dad was a fisherman, who when Gallien was but 5 years old did not return from one of his trips out to sea. His mom did everything she could to make sure they could still live a decent life, however she was not home very often as a result.


This along with his own natural thirst for knowledge led him to Mealvaan's Gate around the age of 12. He studied and quickly learned the basics of arcana and other magics, and quickly realized that though limited at the time he had an affinity for the healing arts. Through his years of studying different text, in many different languages, one thing kept catching his eye, small almost unnoticeable references to a city of Nym. As he grew older he found slightly more detailed information about this mysterious city. He learned that Nym had a military force of marauders and arcanist that worked with small winged creatures, to lead and aid in combat.


Around the age of 20 Gallien decided that the confines of the Arcanist Guild and Limsa did not work for him, he decided he would travel to gain as much knowledge as possible, and he hoped to maybe find some information on Nym.


The story now….


A few years later, Gallien now 22 has found himself within the actual ruins of this lost city. He wonders to himself, "What had befallen this city to leave such a sight in its wake". Over the next few weeks, Gallien did what he could to study what remained of Nym.


One night while looking around, he found himself the choice target of a hungry coeurl. Not really being all that combat savvy, the coeurl caused quite a few injuries to Gallien. He ran for the closest ruin that he could try and escape the hungry beast. Running for his life, his eyes constantly searching for anything to help him survive. In the corner of his eye he caught a glimmer of something, thinking it might be some kind of weapon he chose to go for it. To his dismay it was a just very old tome. In that moment the coeurl took the few seconds that lapsed and sprung onto him, looking for the kill. Still holding onto the tome he balled up ready to die. Out of the tome burst a lavender and gold light, and the sound of chimes. Frightened by the lights and the creature now floating above Gallien, the coeurl fled from the ruins.


 Over the next few moments a warm sensation filled Gallien as his wounds slowly started to dissipate.  As he stood up, tome still in hand Gallien was confronted with a creature that he had only read of in fleeting passages of Nym. To him it looked like a tiny sylph with wings, It was lavender and gold and glitter came from its body as it fluttered its wings. The tiny little creature in front of him looked at him, then to the tome in his hands that was now open and had a faint glow around it. As the creature looked at him his mind was filled with another strange sensation followed by what he could only describe as high pitched squeaking sounds. The creature slowly realized that he could not understand her, so she moved towards the tome and tried to flip the pages until she reached near the end, where a section of the book had been hollowed out and in its place a blue glimmering stone was placed. As he picked up the stone, a pressure sensation pounded his head, and when he looked up, he now knew the creature in front of him was a fae, it was indeed a she, and instead of squeaks in his head, he now could understand what she was telling him. She started off with “From what I recall, my name is Syros”. This banter went on for much of the night as Gallien quickly realized the poor faerie did not know where she was, or why she had been placed inside the tome.They spent most of the next few nights looking around and talking, Gallien explaining what he had found out about Nym, small it may be, and Syros attempted to fill in a few gaps, though her memory was bit hazy.


Over the next year with the help of Syros, Gallien started to read the tome that he now carried around with him wherever he went. He learned of the ability to channel aether through Syros, to aid in the casting of small shields on allies, and to remove afflictions of those in need.


Now days Gallien spends a lot of his time traveling and taking in new experiences, but when he needs time to rest and relax a bit he calls Gridania home.



Some of Gallien's traits 


- Compassionate, and very curious, sometimes socially awkward when he tries to apply what he has read in books with real actions

- High interest in knowledge, not necessarily the most practical use of what he reads or learns unless he sees it himself.

- Not all too fond of physical labor, or physical combat, however he is not completely useless at either

- Willing to pretty much try anything at least once, uses the experience for knowledge sake

- He loves to travel and meet new people



Thoughts and Ideas appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read it

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I only have the tiniest of timeline continuity corrections to make! Otherwise, it looked like a solid character backstory!


Mealvaan's Gate (the arcanists' guild) was not established as you know it today until 1562 6AE, or 15 years ago. Assuming your character is currently 22-23 years old, he would've been at least 8 years old before the guild was established.


It's the tiniest of nitpicky details and doesn't drastically change your backstory. Just wanted to point out that the arcanist guild didn't exist when he was 5. Otherwise, looks good! Hope this helped some! ^^; Lemme know if you need any lore help!

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Looks pretty good to me!


The only advice I could throw your way for now would be to be careful about how often you communicate with your faerie in public. The occasional scene here and there is good, but I've seen it overdone (not just with Scholars) where the person is playing 2 or more characters ALWAYS, which can weird some people out and make dialog a little funky. (As in, it's kinda strange to see someone RPing lines of dialog with oneself repeatedly).

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