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Wayfarers of Eorzea: Open House, come RP with us!

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Friday, November 6th, 6pm until- CST


Wayfarer's Rest

Plot 58, Ward 6, Goblet


Tonight we will be hosting an open house. I'm posting this here since it's not an official event, but an invitation for those who would like to reach out or have a bit of social RP. Nothing special will be held that we don't already do on a nightly basis, but we are encouraging those who are curious of our company to stop by and find out first hand.


We will be starting at 6 pm tonight, CST, and will linger throughout the night until things quiet down. At this time your character can come for a drink, meet our members, eat sweets!, and even join if you wish.


We will not be serving our menu tonight, but we will still be serving refreshments and a variety of alcohol, or non if you prefer. We have an abundance of food left over from L'raha and Zy'dala's reception so feel free to help us finish off several cakes. We also encourage you to take a peek at what we have been working on in our developing Inn


And if you have been trying to meet with me, but we just haven't had the chance, I will be around at least until 11 pm.


I hope to see lots of new faces tonight. Take care!

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