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Thaumaturgy and Ishgard


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Hello everyone!


I am still a newcomer regarding FF14's lore, so I wanted to ask for information on a very precise matter which confuses me at the moment.


I was wondering how thaumaturgy would be seen in Ishgard?


I have read many different things and people gave me different opinions on the matter, so I wanted to have lore precisions on this to be able to play my character accordingly.


Thank you all :love:

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Enemies with THM / BLM skills are seen in the Vault in the form of priests and deacons, so I would assume that they see it much like the rest of Eorzea sees the same sort of magic, a.k.a. A Kind of Magic That Is Used, albeit by a select few (in Ul'dah this would be those that the rather restrictive Thaumaturges' Guild decides to let in, while in the case of Ishgard, it would be Halone's clergy).

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Saint Endalim's Scholasticate teaches its students, "Seminarians," the arts of Thaumaturgy and Conjury and the philosophies behind them, even if those philosophies are altered slightly to suit the Enchiridion. Interestingly, Arcanima was thought to be heretical for a long time and was not taught to students at the Scholasticate. However, recently, a small select group of gifted students are being permitted to study the magic and its summoning properties in order to better combat the Dravanian threat.


Lore excepts can be found below:


The Saint Endalim Scholasticate is where gods-fearing men and women come to seek a proper theological education. We are an equal opportunity institution' date=' I might add. Here you will find the sons and daughters of great houses studying side by side with those of more humble origins. All that is required is a recommendation provided by one of the clergy. Our curriculum encompasses a diverse range of subjects, from the fundamentals of Ishgardian theology to the intricacies of canon law. We also offer more specialized instruction for those who wish to focus on medicinal or magical fields. However, to ensure that seminarians are adequately prepared for these studies, they must first complete both the trivium and the quadrivium: rigorous courses comprised of grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astrology, and music.[/quote']


While many seminarians of the Saint Endalim Scholasticate show great aptitude for defensive and restorative magicks' date=' they must also be capable of employing the destructive kind as the situation demands. We have need of three suitable rods for the upcoming trials to join the vaunted ranks of the Temple Knights.[/quote']


A priest with a penchant for capturing the hearts of the common people through conjury of ice and fire during his recitations of Halonic scripture has requested two staves for his faithful altar boys so that they may practice and participate in the sermons. Given that his reception by the lowborn has led to increased attendance' date=' I would pay you greatly to provide me the proper wands for thauma─er, religious purpose.[/quote']


While Ishgard's scholars are quite adept at manifesting Halone's blessings from their ancient grimoires' date=' summoning an entity from a tome is something that had fallen entirely outside the realm of permissible magics, as heretics oft use them in their occultist plots. However, with more liberal interpretations for the sake of our advancements in the war, the scholasticate under the auspices of the Holy See has been granted special permission to experiment so as long as they are wrapped in the skin of a fallen dragon to remain faithful to the teachings of the Enchiridion. They request three volumes at once.[/quote']


There is some divergence in interpretations of the Enchiridion' date=' yet all lead towards one doctrine writ in dragon blood. Regarding magic, there are those who believe thaumaturgy puts the clergy's prayer to action, and those who believe prayer alone is sufficient to manifest the Fury's miracles. After the recent incursions by the Dravanians, I tend to favor the “burn and destroy” school of thought, and would ask you supply us with staves with which to practice fighting fire with fire.[/quote']


Also an added note as to why House Fortemps has pugilist knights under its banner:

House Fortemps' date=' in its queer taste for the exotic, has initiated a bizarre exchange which allows for one outsider─a pugilist from Ul'dah─to come to teach the men his art while one of our machinists travels abroad. The student has been here nary a fortnight and makes high-handed demands for his lesson, in this case, a belt that can properly take a kick in the gut. I'll not entertain his request by having our best tanners labor beyond courtesy, so he will have to make do with whatever you can muster.[/quote']




There was also some interesting information about the Heavens' Ward magic users in a Dengeki Interview that was translated here. As well as Conjury and Thaumaturgy (and now Arcanima), the Scholasticate appears to be teaching some interesting magicks...


Ser Noudenet the Shrewd

The third son of a baron who held an estate in Coerthas Central Lowlands. To reduce the number of mouths he was responsible for feeding, Noudenet’s father sent him to the Saint Endalim Scholasticate. His father and brother expected him to become a member of the high clergy and acquire political clout within Ishgard, but Noudenet himself had no interest in politics, and instead immersed himself in the research of magic. In recognition of his peerless knowledge of conjury, he was invited to join the ranks of the Heavens’ Ward.


Ser Hermenost the Thunderous

A veteran from the previous Lord Commander’s tenure, Hermenost was originally a friar in the service of Halone, and is known as a particularly devout man. Although he wields an axe on the battlefield, he is also a skilled mage, and devised a unique method of combat that involves imbuing his axe with lightning.

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