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Old couple looking for old (and young) friends

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Jeantremont and Victoire Arbeau are looking to make some new friends or possibly establish age-old friendships! We're both PST. I work office hours and raid 3 times a week. Victoire works odd hours and is usually up much later than I.


A little bit about the couple. Jeantremont and Victoire fled Ishgard nearly 60 years ago to start a new life and a family away from the oppressive rules of the Holy See. They lived in Gridania for a few months before eventually settling in Ul'dah. They started out with nothing, working their asses off to eventually become part of Ul'dah's upper class and give their family something they never could have had in Ishgard. They have five children, a handful of grandkids, and are starting to get some great grandkids.


Jean (85) is a master medicinal alchemist with clients all over Eorzea while Vic (75) is a badass bounty hunter mage. We're looking for new friends and possibly to establish long-time (or new!) friendships with other old folks (with Eorzea's high mortality rate, that might be rare).




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More old folks, yay!


I have a grandpa of my own - though it's hard to tell in all the armor - in Judge Jredthys. He helps oversee at the Grindstone on Saturdays, usually by what is oft considered his companion "grandma" in Marisaie. If we want to establish/maintain/reinforce the idea of all old folks knowing each other, we should totally have them get together to talk about all these young sprouts running around getting themselves into trouble.


I'm usually only on Judge on Saturdays, but you can usually snag me on Chachanji or Gogonji most other times to see if you want to chat. :thumbsup:

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Zekiki is 51, which is kind of getting there. She's kind of known in regards to things like the thaumaturge's guild, and related places. Zeki's also been a hermit for a while too, so her name has probably faded away too. She's willing to talk to older folks though.

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Garalona is 41 but has the world weariness of someone twice her age for various reasons. Anyone not in the bloom of youth would be a nice change of pace to hang out with!


I've been feeling particularly old and decrepit myself irl due to a congenital defect giving me hell, so my online time has been pretty brief and sporadic, but I'm trying to change that now. Just drop me a line if you do catch me in game.

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