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Jesting in the Canopy [Open]


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The Lalafell took a seat, smiling at Naoh and ordering a nice cold mug of sweet water as well as some honey roasted cashews.




He looked around not noting anyone in particular to be of interest. He nodded his thanks and ordered a small starter plate of shepherd's pie and a bowl of baked onion soup.


Kage sniffed a bit, sipping from his mug and casually popping some cashews into his mouth.


Things were quiet, so far.

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Franz slowed his pace as his jog through the forest began to end. Like many of the times he had stayed in the Black Shroud, extended periods in the small cottage he used regularly became boring, and he would find himself running to the city for even the smallest reasons.


Realizing he had yet to eat an actual meal that sun, he decided to stop by at the Carline Canopy for whatever they had available. With the amount of adventurers that used it as their guild, he could be certain that there would be something warm to eat. And if he really needed, a place to stay if he decided to drink.


Walking in, he wiped a few beads of sweat from his face and walked straight up to a nearby staff member with a smile and quiet demeaner. "Excuse me miss, could I bother you for an ale and a serving of....actually, what is available today? I'll have an order of what you'd recommend."


He turned to walk towards a table, and out of the corner of his eye, he spied an acquaintance and sat down in an adjacent seat. "Kage! What a /lovely/ surprise!"



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"Urgh!" The Lalafell felt a wave of disgust and nausea sweep over him as if his stomach dropped. That voice! Of course, of all tables, that Twelve-damned man had to sit next to him. He coughed a bit, clearing his airways after choking a little on the baked onion soup he was enjoying. That wonderful cheese baked on top of some wonderful bread soaking up the onion soup. He scrunched his eyebrows at him before pursing his lips and giving him a curt nod.




Kage looked at him before turning to Noah and smiling, perhaps a bit falsely, "Please send his orders to this table, it seems I'll be dining with a... friend, today!"

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Franz shifted in his seat slightly, getting a bit more comfortable. Leaning back and nearly slouching, a grin seemed to have made its way onto his face.


"So I'm considered a friend this sun, am I? I suppose I should feel delighted." It didn't take too long before he had a nice wheat ale in hand and a few other dishes on the table. Some herb-baked squashes, something with zucchini, and an eel pie with crust still warm. All fresh and straight from the oven.


Delicately, Franz cut a small piece of the eel pie with a fork and knife and brought it to his mouth. Manners were always important, after all. After washing it down with some ale, he leaned in just slightly, towards Kage. "So how have the suns and moons treated you, Kage? Surely better than frozen evenings chasing after people in Coerthas."

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Gods, she hated this place. Often she wondered why she even bothered with jobs here. The people where just as obnoxious as the Shroud was, although thankfully the Gridanians left their insults with whispers mostly these days. Whereas some of her kinsmen would had dressed according to the fashion in the Shroud to try to avoid conflict with the local people, Ave simply didn't care. In truth, she took pride out of provoking the citizens with parading in her Temple garb. Surely it came with a few annoyed glances and insults behind her back, but the Gridanians where as docile these days as their Twelve-damned forest was after the Calamity. Avelyn did not often thank the Garleans, if at all, but she simply couldn't lament the fact the Elementals lost their strength due to them.


... And speaking about Garleans.


As soon she stepped inside the Canopy she saw her favourite one. Not that he was the only one who she managed to converse with properly, or didn't murder after.


Making sure Franz, and the unknown lalafell at his table saw her, she raised her voice, and lifted her hand up and yanked a thumb towards Kage's direction. "Oi Franz! Since when do ye have friends? Besides, ye ain't givin' me booze away are ye now?" she grinned, and made her way up to their table whether she was invited or not. After all, Franz meant free booze. Or at least stealing his drinks, or his food, would make her trip to Gridania somewhat enjoyable again.

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That voice sounds familiar... perhaps from the time towards the end of the Grindstone? So this is who was putting him in his place... There is someone who hasn't fallen for him...!


Kage masked his features but he could not hide his disgust at what Franz was eating, especially when he leaned closer to the Lalafell, giving him a good whiff and look at the eel pie. He glanced apologetically in Miounne's direction but let out a small gag at the eel pie. Eels! Eels really?


Why could Miss D not have joined me here? Why him?


"I really would not want to call him a true friend. A damned-suffering acquaintance, really," the Lalafell commented. He hid a scoff into the mug filled with sweet water, attempting to alleviate the awkward physical reaction he had had to the Garlean and his.... meal. Eels! Of all things, eels! Eels in a pie!


"Eels.... lovely," he said flatly, staring at the meal. As if the meal was as offensive to him as the Garlean. Kage turned to the newcomer, "Now how did you make your own introduction with our lovely friend here?"

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"The hells're wrong with eels?" It may have been said through another bite of the pie. As he scooped another piece out with his fork, he nearly retorted mid-chewing, but decided that would have been in poor taste.


"I feel so hurt, Kage. I thought we were the best of friends, once. Can't you remember all those lovely times living under the same roof?"


He'd likely regret letting Ave handle the introduction, but what was the worst she could really do in public?

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Avelyn chuckled as Kage replied. Soon after she found herself nodding in agreement "I find myself havin' th' same opinion about th' man." and gestured towards Franz with a grin.


She then made the mistake to look down at whatever Franz was eating as she stood beside him at the table. Sniffing the air around her around her, it didn't take long before the Ala Mhigan woman pulled a face of disgust. Fish never been her thing, and she always had hated the smell of it. And even if a Garlean was eating it, it still wasn't worth gagging over to try to take it from him. " 'm not stealin' tha'." she told Franz, and took a step away from Franz at the table, as she tried to distance herself somewhat from the horrendous smell.


Looking at Kage, she flashed a toothy smile up to him. "Before I start ta tell ye how this shite 'nd I met, lemme tell ye me name. Avelyn Firestone, nice ta meet ye 'nd all tha'." and gave him a polite nod.


She then pulled yet another face, as if she were to gag, when she caught another whiff of the fish, and then decided it may be for the best to take a seat at the opposite side of the table.


When she had seated herself, she started to unbuckle her right glove, and set her eyes onto Kage as she then started to explain how Franz and her had met! "Met th' bastard in some shitty tavern. Endin' up drinkin'. Didn't want ta fuck me. Then eh..." Ave looked at Franz once again, and squinted at where his third eye would be before she turned her attention back to Kage. "Then we ended up in some pissin' argument about eh, things. Not th' fuckin' part tho' I can live without swivin' him." and huffed. "He couldn't handle a proper Ala Mhigan woman even if he tried." she casually told Kage, loud and clear for anyone listening into the conversation as she threw her glove down onto the table, and started to fiddle around with her other glove.


Franz was probably going to regret letting Avelyn do the talking.

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