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Newcomer looking for RP!

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Hey everyone! It is Madi, again! And since I got done with the rough bios of my characters I decided to finally advertise myself out to all of you lovely roleplayers. Um I don't really have any specifics on what I want, though. Just think of me as a person that's open to everything, as like  I said in my introduction thread, FFXIV/MMO roleplaying is insanely new to me. So, if you do not mind a partially inexperienced person to write with you, I am more than willing to participate in anything you offer up.



Brief explanations of the characters

I will put my character histories in the bottom, but basically I only have three characters. Ninii Nii, is my main character. She is a eighteen year old Au Ra refugee, that is currently faking amnesia so she can create a new identity and forgot her life as a Raen, as she was taken up by a Lalafell family. Ninii isn't even her real name, to be honest. Currently she resides in Limsa Lominsa doing odd jobs, attempting her best to play that helpless amnesiac part. She is a grump, and in 'anime' terms a "Tsundere" that tries her best to act tough even though in reality she is a total crybaby.



My other two side characters, are Aya Young and Maesey Mae. Aya Young is a thirty-four year old Wildwood Elezen that was raised in the forests by a very conservative clan. She falls in love, and even marries a Hyur that ends up corrupting her; turning the duo into masked criminals called the "Midnight Raiders." But Karma hits her back from leaving her family and escaping to this infamous title as her Husband unintentionally raids Aya's very own clan, ending up injuring Aya's younger sister. This ofc ends up making Aya leave, taking their child with her to Ul'Dah; hoping that now living without a mask she can function as a normal Mother, without any repercussions. But she still trains just in case her star-crossed lover meets again. As for twenty-two year old Maesey Mae, she is a happy-go-lucky Lalafell that was dropped in the streets when she was a child. She learns to take care of herself, and becomes sort of the "Aladdin" of Ul'Dah, stealing from merchants and being the "trickster" of the city. But once Calamity hits, she becomes more serious yearning to be something bigger than she was, although she still enjoys flirting with women and men alike, having a few drinks or two. 



[align=center]tumblr_inline_nir4knwW121qid2nw.gifNinii Nii (Au Ra Female)   


[align=center]tumblr_inline_nir4knGUmE1qid2nw.gifMaesey Mae (Lalafell Female) 


[align=center]tumblr_inline_nir4kmT67A1qid2nw.gifAya Young (Elezen Female)



But yeah! I suck at making things short, but there's some jist if you don't have time to read my messy bios. But just in case you do they are above me! My preferences in RP are HERE so if you want to know what you're getting into. But like I said, I don't know that much about roleplaying in MMOs. So I hope you don't mind a lot of OOC conversation just so I can figure out how we're suppose to communicate properly.


If you read all of this though, thanks so much for your time! And if you are interested please contact me in one of my medias I listed in the Player Direct or Private Message me so I can reply ASAP.



Bye for now!


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Hello Ely! And yup yup! At least OOC-wise. Too uncreative to pick an actual cool pseudonym. Lol.



But pffft. Thank you so much for that, I worried that I scared people off with my embarrassing rambles. tumblr_m9gcy6mxn61qzckow.gif But sure, I would love to roleplay with you when your characters get fleshed out enough. It feels oh-so-very rewarding once you're done with them, so good luck haha. 



If you ever want to add me though whilst you finish, I would be more than happy to oblige. Other than that, i'm eager to hear your response, both IC and OOC! 

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Hello, Madi! 


Very apologize for inexperience. We've all been there. Still fairly new to RPing in MMOs myself. In any case, I actually might have something to offer, as Olivia here is much the same in hiding her true identity. She is a bit of a wayward soul, constantly on the move, though recently settling a bit near Limsa. Kind of being a grump herself, I could possibly see them clashing at first in a somewhat comedic way. I don't yet have a wiki up, but if you want to hash out any further ideas or just set up RPs, do send a /tell or I'll hit you up. ^^

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Vahlkrys is sometimes found about Limsa, so he could run into Nii, if you don't mind dealing with a catboy raised by an ishgardian duskwight (really, he acts nothing like an ishgardian either, probably why he doesn't live there at the moment)


I'm usually on after 4:30 Pm PST

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Hey! You have a fun bunch of characters and it's awesome you're looking to dive right in. C'laihn frequents Limsa, often taking odd jobs of all kinds himself. I'd be happy to strike up some RP there or figure something out to interact. Feel free to give me a poke or I'll just keep an eye out sometime!

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"Ninii Nii"


*eyes narrow*


My money!!


You are the same Nini that's the casino baron of Balmung, yes? :P Had no idea you were into RP, if so. Some very interesting characters! Once I get my own established a bit I'd be interested in RPing with your Au'Ra. All things considered, it could make for some interesting stories.

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