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A day of Thanks

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So, I would like to the RPC a very Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish well tidings on any note. I got to thinking as I prepare the house and spend the night cooking of all the things I am thankful for. I started to wonder, what your character would be thankful for?


For Benedict I think he would be thankful to be back in Eorzea and was able to get in touch with a few friends of old. He had spent too long away and the homecoming has been a joyous one thus far.

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Mhaya would be thankful for her friends that keep her in line and feeling wanted and loved. She'd be thankful for alcoholic cider, finger sandwiches and cockatrice meatballs. She'd then be really thankful for having the opportunity to adventure with aforementioned friends. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

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Both of my characters have reason to be thankful, even with one being as new as it is.



Kasumi would be thankful for everyone that's she met and every experience she's had so far in Eorzea. A lot more people supported her than she (or I) imagined. Both in art and personal life.



Iduna would be thankful for the forgiveness shown to her. She royally screwed up on her second day and instead of taking her head, as they probably should have, she found lenience and guidance towards a new path.

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I am thankful for the friend I've made recently through FF14, they've brought more smiles than I would have ever expected and a lot of excitement and fun out of the game as well!


For my characters...


Alciel is thankful that he did not complete burn bridges with certain people and that there is the possibility, not of things returning the way they were, but at least maybe being mended.


Vahl is thankful that people are at least giving him a chance to try and change and improve even though everything went south.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely people who celebrate it and happy wishes to all you lovely people who don't! :bouncy:


Eleni would be thankful for chocolate and chocobos. She'd be thankful for having had an amazing grandmother who is both a superhero and idol for her. She would also be thankful for rain and snow. And all the friends she's made since she became an adventurer.

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I am thankful for the one person who has been behind and beside both my character and her player since I came back to the game in the Dreams of Ice patch.


I am thankful for any opportunity I get to RP. Even if it's not what I anticipate, it is still enjoyed.


I am endlessly grateful to the names on my friends list. I don't hear from them often, but I adore them and what they brought to me and to my character.


Lastly, I am thankful that, in now 35 years of life, I can still enjoy a moment of adventure with others. I grew up watching this stuff come about to the point where it's trite. To the point where interaction with others is a basic commodity instead of remarkable. It makes me sad that the mentality exists, but it still makes me impressed that things like this are commonplace now. It's a style of game and a type of community that may sour once in a while for me, but never gets old.

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Aya is thankful for a place to sleep, a place to make the gil she needs to get by (I couldn't say she were thankful for work itself!) Thankful for safety, for friends, for a free life outside of the frozen walls of home. Thankful for Thanalan's barren expanse, and for Vylbrand's beaches. For the sand beneath her toes, the sun on her skin, and the breeze in her hair.


Most of all, though, thankful for you guys!

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Roen's too busy trying to stay afloat to be consciously thankful.


But despite all the horrible things that has happened this year, she still has a lot of things to be thankful for.


A brother who loves her.

A friend whom she has known for almost two years now, who comes back into her life whenever the times are dire. They have a quiet understanding between them that never wavers.

New friends she has made in the last few months who have given her a sense of purpose and a glimpse of who she used to be.

An old enemy who is now a trusted ally, who she has come to trust with lives of those she considers most precious.

An ally turned friend and confidant.

Friendships she has found in the most unlikely places.

And old friends who were never forgotten, whose loyalties never faded.


Roen would be thankful for all these things if she just cleared her head for a bit.

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Coatleque has managed to piss off everyone close to her, alienate the rest, flush her career down the drain, and learn that love is just a pipe dream. She would not have been thankful for anything this year.


She needs another box of chocolates!


And a stiff drink by the sounds of it! She can always join Benedict at the bar, as is he could use a rp reason to meet more people and I hear Aya is a very talented waitress. :)

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