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Psychonauts 2 Teaser

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Shouldn't he worry about finishing the games he has on his radar before announcing new ones? I liked the original a lot, but maaaaan, Schafer really has been revealed as a scumbag in the intervening years.


Pass. Yawn. Meh.


At this point I couldn't care less if Satan was developing this game with his personal studio.


I need Psychonauts 2.

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"Hey gang! Give me more of your money so we can make the game you've been begging us for since the original was released! What? Fund it with the millions I've made over the years? Nah. I'll just grub another 3.3 million out of you and then beg for more later on down the line." -Tim Schafer, probably.


I want to be excited...but I'm not.

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I just can't. My brain won't shift into gear for it. Their stupid adventure game made a hojillion dollars, went way over their requested budget, and they still fucked up the scope of the game. They pushed back the release, they broke it into two games with Early Access to get even more money and I'm just so utterly over Double Fine as a developer. Schafer's an over-rated blowhard asshole who shouldn't be trusted with his lunch money.


Spacebase's failure should be lauded as the watchword here. I'm one of the people convinced that Schafer was only ever successful at all because of outside influence. Blargh. Vitriol.

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The only Double Fine game I've played was Broken Age, and I'd actually very much like a sequel.




Someone I follow on Twitter recently made a comment about how the metacritic scores between pro and consumer reviews can be night and day on the same projects, with the official reviews saying something is good and the consumer reviews tearing it apart.


It's not a matter of bribes, it's just how the process is done. A game reviewer will sit down and play a game, and review it in a bubble (hopefully). They look only at the game itself, and post a review based only on the successes and failures of the game.


Consumers do not. We're the people being advertised to. We're the ones being told "Yeah, Fallout 4 is done, we're just bug-fixing it now for launch in six months." So when we finally get our hands on the new hotness and the AI is braindead and causes you to get murdered because they have no self-awareness? We remember being told "the game is done!" When someone stands on a stage and says "You can do ANNYYYTHIIIING" we remember that when we hit invisible walls. When we get advertised to, we remember. So we go into these new games with expectations that cannot possibly be fulfilled, because we were told they would be, and then we're mad that we bought the bullshit again.


I've heard Broken Age is completely fine as a product, but if you were a part of the on-going saga to even get it released, you waited three real-life years only to be told your game wasn't done, so here's half, and we'll give you the other half later, and yes, we know it came out late and yes we know we asked for more money, but here it is, it's done now, well, half of it is, but just give us 20 more dollars and a few more months and then, nearly four years after introducing you to this product you can have it finally so please like favorite and subscribe, oh, also, while we weren't finishing this game, we also kickstarted a second game but don't worry we're not using that money on this game, and no, we're not losing resources to that game, but trust me, it'll be great, once we finish it, later.


We remember all of this stuff.


/tangent off


AND ANOTHER THING edit: Just look at the reaction to Player Housing. It's serviceable, but it's not what was promised, so the peasants revolted.

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I won't hold my breath, but I won't say I'm not excited by the concept.


Psychonauts was a mixed bag for me, one with incredible humor and an original premise, but with shit controls, absurd difficulty spikes, and terrible AI. It was a deeply flawed game, but the kind I was still glad to have trudged through. 




...Mostly because of this amazing guy.


If Psychonauts 2 does come out, I'll give it a go, and hell, if they fix all the issues with the first game, I might even be able to enjoy it properly.

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