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Hello, Greg here, and welcome to my Welcome Desk Welcome Thread!

I've lurked here in the past but never actually owned FFXIV before. I played the Beta back in the day but never really gave the game a decent chance. In between MMOs at the moment, and with the Humble Bundle dropping keys for dirt cheap I figured it was the perfect time to try something new.


I'm a long time MMO fan, my humble origins rooted in RuneScape's (in)famous World 42. Since then I've been roleplaying in several different MMOs over the past 5 years. SWTOR, The Secret World, Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage for a time, and I even found myself trying WoW out. I guess now it's time to jump into FFXIV and give it a go.


I'm also a very amateur YouTuber (I've got 3 subs, no big deal) and mild alcohol enthusiast. I live up in Maine (hello there, Canada) so it's a matter of survival more than anything.


That's me in a very crunchy nutshell. I'm still downloading the game and dreading the apparent Balmung Struggle, but I hope to see you all in game at some point!



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Welcome to the RPC, Greg, and the server when you get there!


Luckily for you, the server is going down in 20min for maintenance. If you manage to have everything up and running by the time it's over (approx 4hrs from now), you might be able to slip in and make a character on Balmung before the inevitable lock-out that comes with the wave of log-ins.

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