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Art Program questions

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Not sure if this should go here or not.. But I figured the safer bet was here. 


So for the holidays my husband surprised me with a new Surface Pro 3. Sadly the tablet doesn't seem to work all that well with SAI that I have been using through the years. Aside from the UI on my program being too small and no way to fix it the tablet works like a dream. Very useful given how much time away from home I seem to be spending. 


My question is if anyone else uses this tablet or a similar one and what art program they would recommend? I have a small list, some programs I've never heard before and appear to be free or very much affordable. If all else fails I can install PS again on my pc and tablet. Just wanted to see if anyone else had thoughts or suggestions. ^^

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It might be best noted that a tablet computer like the Surface is a very different thing than a hardware drawing tablet. Screen sensitivity and latency between pen to action can vary.


But if the issue is that Sam's interface is too small, you may need to try adjusting the display scaling settings on the program. Or temporarily lower the resolution to match something a little easier to work with.


I'm not sure how much better of worse, but a few artists I watch like to use Manga Studio.

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No I know they are different, I have a Wacom for my pc but the Surface has been very nice to draw on, have to adjust to the glass surface but aside from that. I have tried to fix the UI, it's a known issue with SAI and the Surface as far as I can tell and have read up on.

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My suggestions would depend entirely on exactly what sorts of problems you're currently experiencing. Based on your post, it just seems to be that the working area is too small; if pressing Tab still leaves it as being too small for you, then no art program is really going to grant you more "space."

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Oh no I worded it poorly. The work area is fine. Adjusting the ui to make it more clean and crisp seems to make that program (only that one.. everything else seems properly scaled) so small my pen won't even register the buttons. 


I'd read that PS and Manga Studio are good on the tablet but I was just curious if there were other suggestions is all. ^^

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