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As an Ishgardian noble.

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Somehow new to Balmung (yes i have been absent for a looong time), with an almost brand new character, i come here to seek some links, contacts and such to elaborate a bit more the basics of the character.


Explanation following:


Playing a "Young" (mid-twenties) Ishgardian noble, recently promoted heir to his family by the death of his older brother, i am currently seeking for people he may have met/developped connections during the past few years.

         -Former Dragoon, against family wishes, he have served Ishgard on the field for some years, making more than natural to know some of his comrades Dragoon or Ishgardian military.

         -Coming from minor nobility, his house pledge loyalty to the Durendaire,and even if before his brother death, he haven't really step up in the political game, becoming the heir make highly probable to know at least some member of the House in particular, or supporter and retainers from other families.

         -Quite a good natured guy, a bit of a lunatic and dreamy, truth to be told, he was somehow distant from his own family during his time as a Dragoon. Befriending common folk was in conséquences no problem for him, his blunt behavior kinda far from the expected of nobility. (Not when he is angry. There it show a lot he is of noble birth :P)


I think that's all for the majors points i can enlighten on. Oh, yes, never he had travelled from Ishgard before the most of recent time, it may be usefull to know.


I know there is almost no details over the character personnality (you can guessed majors lines from points before no?), so don't hesitate to ask me if you want some more detailled description. I just prefer to reduce the length of this subject for everyone. 


And I'm playing from Mayotte (a small french rock between Madagascar and the Mozambique), so I'm in GMT+3 Timezone, even if i have some really weird play times... Don't search the logic, just say i can be here almost all the time.)


So.... Good evening or whenever period of the day it is for you, and thanks for reading this... Dunno, not sure how to qualify this.


(PS: Enemies are fine too, we may have fine allies, we never have too much enemies.)

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Hi there, as another Noblesse Oblige I just wish to ask you for further information about your character.


You mention "former dragoon" Does he give up due to obligation of suddenly becoming the head of the house? That is quite believable. 


Just saying that usually dragoons either die or are brutally injured to the point that they are unable to fight. Alberic and what's his name in the Congregation as examples.  Estinien actually resents Alberic for abdicating.



the only "retired" dragoon we see is Heustienne's father, but he too has been scarred (eye patch) and probably became too old to fight.



Your character seems pretty well thought out but I like to know the nitty-gritty.

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To answer your question Zelmanov:


Simeon has yet to be lord of his house. Father is still kicking in for now.

But, as a but is always welcomed (God, even if it's so bad of a joke, i can't bring myself to erase it.), he have stepped down/retired from his dragoon position when becoming his heir.


The explanation is quite simple. It was all part of the deal.


Blessed with a useless older brother, the kind who's head is nothing but empty air and little sanity, he gone against his family wishes when striving for to become a Dragoon. As such, he cut a deal with his father. As long as his older brother was in, being the rigthful heir, he'll be free to pursue his own dreams.


But with the fool death (even in his first real contribution to Ishgard, that how lame the guy is), he had to keep up his end of the bargain, retiring forcefully to attend to the politicals duties which fell on him. With only little training on the heir subject, almost no knowledge of ungoing plots, he have a lot to learn, taking up most of his time. Being the last remaining son of a aging father, still being a dragoon was way too dangerous for this father and he pressed on as hard as he can to make sure he retire. 


Even more, he is even engaged in an arranged marriage with a complete stranger and kinda started all of this on the wrong foot, truth to be told. (Even if the chick is in shady business way more dangerous than being a simple dragoon... but fate has always been the twisted trickster uh?)


If I must sum that up, i'll said your were quite right, he give up for the sudden obligation of becoming more than just a random little noble with no claim over his own house.


I hope this little of information can answer your question and highlight the why of this decision.



And I do take notice of who can attend to make his life worse in every way. Will see about it when home, work ain't the better place for that! :P

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My character hails from Dravanian lands and has wanderlust (adventurer at heart) and a fighting spirit so maybe we met during your time as a dragoon? They are similar in age so it could be interesting to have a fellow comrade from your "past".

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@Candor => I'm sorry, with the last quite chaotic few days (like many things to do, and not nearly enough time), I didn't reach out for you already, but i swear I will soon! Even if loayl to a different house, it's good to know people!


@Arabel => Yes, always happy to have some prior connection! Even more when coming from the road (I must just advice that you'll be call furball. Taht's my standard with Simeon for Miqo'te! :P) I'll send you a tell, or maybe a MP is ever I can't bring myself to reach you in game. Just don't be surprised


And yeah, Dresden, one day, we'll meet... maybe... If fate let us do, once in a while :P

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@Arabel => Yes, always happy to have some prior connection! Even more when coming from the road (I must just advice that you'll be call furball. Taht's my standard with Simeon for Miqo'te! :P) I'll send you a tell, or maybe a MP is ever I can't bring myself to reach you in game. Just don't be surprised


Oh, you are going to have some serious reprisals if you call me furball. *borderline evil smirk*  =)

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Hello here, bumping a bit the subject, as things have a bit evolved.

(I still have to contact some of the folks here, but schedules didn't let me...)


As i'm just out of a major wiki overall update (and not finished, but that will wait for home mind you, need some documents), i'm sorry, this won't be the fancy type of bumping.


At much, let explain what's different for before and what could I'll be seeing too:


-With his first travels outside of Ishgard, Simeon is now on the move, quite eager to know more of this wondrous outside word where nobody try to enlist him in politics. As such, he is prone to be find either way in the strangest of places as well as the busiest cities.

-Far from home, his temper is quite kicking him again full force, the battle junkie coming back eagerly, prone to dive him head first into troubles or adventuring with only little insight.


-Surprinsingly, this character seem to attract robbers, maybe because of him standing like a sore thumb in a crown, already robbed or threatened to be... So more or less... that's kind of a habit now. Maybe exploring the shaddiest of area may explain why but... that's just a maybe.


Alright, As I have already typed too much of text today so that'll be all for today for this bump, as I can resume, I'm shifting to seeking actual connection and plots to discover, the outline of the character quite worked for now.


Thanks for the read and good... whatever time of the day it can be for you.

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