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The 'Oh god help!' Wiki Coding/Editing Support Thread.

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It didn't seem like just marking a page with the 'help me!' stub would readily get a lot of assistance, so I hope everyone is alright with me making a thread solely for those who need support in making their character pages over on the Wiki? I don't know how many people here are Wiki-knowledgable, but I figure that there has to be some out there who have a good grasp on what they are doing, right? I hope? :cry: In any event, I'd be lying if I said I made this solely for others and not myself. I actually am having an issue of my own that, suffice it to say, is driving me up the wall.http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index ... iun_DesainSo I'll admit right off the bat I know very little about true coding. I've been sort of Mega Manning it the whole time (which is to say borrowing from others and piecing together what looks good -- special thanks to Kylin, Endemerrin, and Sienna, who I shamelessly admit to borrowing from!), and while at first I thought things were looking good, I've been informed by my non-Firefox and non-IE using friends that in Chrome, there is a hueg, white gap between the character info box, and the still-unfinished sections beneath it.I tried fixing this by wiping all the line-breaks (aka

) I added to push the sections down (they were being hidden behind the character box in IE and FF prior), but then as a result, while it no longer has the massive gap in Chrome, the sections start to get buried behind the character box again.I don't know what to think of it, or what to do. It seems like maybe it has to do with the fact that in FF and IE, the character box aligns itself to the right, whereas in Chrome it aligns left (if you maximize your browser if you don't already you'll see what I mean).So. Yeah. I'm clueless, and I need help. :? Anyone out there capable of offering some?

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I went back and forth a few times wondering where this gap you were talking about was' date=' then I scrolled down. I thought your page was done. Nope. HUGE gap.[/quote']


Exactly. :frustrated:


This wouldn't concern me so much if, say, this was just an Internet Explorer thing, considering that the usage of that browser is in decline. But this being a Chrome issue bugs the crap out of me, since more and more people are using it compared to both IE and Firefox.


There's other issues, too, I didn't even mention. Like how the background color for Sati's picture is all muddied and darker in Chrome, but matches the RGB code for the character box just fine in Firefox. It's like ... come on, I thought RGB code was at least a little more uniform than that.

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Hello there!


I noticed what you were talking about and created a "Test Character" wiki using your code as a basis for it so I could play around with it without disrupting your own wiki page. I see what you're talking about though, and after staring at the code dumbfounded for nearly an hour I gave up trying to figure it out and started poking around with things.


I found that deleting all those line breaks fixed the gap in Chrome but caused the title of "Section 01" to disappear. Adding text between the sections forced the "Section 01" header to reappear though. I'm sure there's something more to that - maybe a property that Firefox treats differently in one of the div tags than Chrome does. I'm not sure. But I was able to achieve some uniformity by adding a blank space (rather than a character). You can view the code here. I'll leave this Test Character page intact for a bit - please feel welcome to play around with it yourself, as well. We'll remove it once everything is all squared away though.


http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index ... ction=edit


Hope this helps somewhat. Apart from wiping the code and starting from scratch I'm not sure how much more help I could offer, but someone else might have a better eye for what's causing the inconsistency than me.


The wiki layout looks fantastic though! Makes me want to go back and revamp my own a bit! :cheer:

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A lot of awesome stuff.


Hey, thanks! I truly appreciate you putting that much effort in to helping me out! :D


In almost all regards, this code works just fine with what you've done! It pushes the Sections down in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (natch IE; for some inane reason with this code, IE is the odd man out ... oi vey), all without the line-break abusing. So in that way there is no more problems with the character box overlapping anything.


Something I did notice, and this seems to only happen in Firefox, is that if the browser is either too large or maximized, then as a result of the character box aligning itself on the right side (I think this is why it is happening at least), content will end up moving up and to the left side of the box, instead of staying underneath the box like it does in Chrome.


Just to give a visual reference:


http://i46.tinypic.com/293ksnr.png - Firefox


http://i47.tinypic.com/15pn85x.png - Chrome


So I'm a bit flummoxed with that, but compared to what was going on before, it's a very big improvement. Thanks!


And I appreciate the compliment! :oops: I can't take a lot of credit since, like I said, I basically borrowed and picked apart other's profiles, but yeah!

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Wish I could help more today since I find myself in a bit of a lull at work, but corporate mandates we use only Internet Explorer here (and version 8 at that... -.-) so I'm not really able to help a whole lot. Adding blank spaces in various places or dummy characters (I just drop an 'x') to see how they might change things in each of the browsers is very helpful though. Trial and error. I would offer to help a bit more tonight since I've got a small army of browsers lined up on my home computer but I'm going to be, uh, ah... playing around in the forest tonight when I get home from work. *coughcough*


But yeah, definitely play around with it and if you're still struggling with it this weekend I'll give it another look. I mean to set up a different template for my own, so diving back in will be a good thing.

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