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Secret Santa Art Trade!


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I have to admit, I'm stealing this idea from another community I was in a few years ago. It's exactly what it says on the tin: People who want to participate submit a character description (or offer multiple if they want to give a choice), I use random.org to assign each participant another person whose character they will draw to the best of their ability (possibly with a Christmas theme) and you send them to me by the 25th so I can post them all up at once.


There's no skill requirement for this. So long as you're trying, that's all that matters. It doesn't even have to be a drawing; if there's some other visual art you feel more comfortable with, that's fine too! Well, I'm gonna say no Poser or Daz3d stuff, unless you've got some real skills and original assets. It might look a tiny bit better than stick figures, but it has about as much heart as posing action figures if you only know the basics. This is all about putting heart into it, not looking good! :)

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I'm up for trying, though my skill probably isn't anywhere near what others is and my style is still a bit unrefined. If nothing else it will provide an opportunity to practice a bit (which I sorely need). I may need to turn to some of the other artists as I go for suggestions though (assuming any are willing to offer a helping hand). I'm just probably going to need at least a couple weeks' time for this as well. I'm kind of methodical/perfectionistic. But it sounds like fun and I'm certainly interested in the challenge.

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Since we're getting a good amount of interest quite quickly, how about I set the participation application deadline to the 7th? That gives a good amount of time to put together character descriptions and assemble links to reference images (post them in this thread!) and heaps of time to work on your picture to get it in by the 25th. :)

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Kerr, you're welcome so long as you put forth the best effort you can, whatever the circumstances of why you can't do more. :)


Anyway, I've quietly extended the deadline to see if we could get a few more participants, but this is just about as far as I can take it to be fair to the time needed to get this done. In twelve hours from the time of this post, I will be taking the names of those who have volunteered in this thread, and making the assignments.


This is the last chance to get in! It's also time to post your descriptions and links for the character(s) you'd like to see drawn.

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Oh EVA'S WIKI PAGE is kind of a work-in-progress, but the physical information is all accurate and there are a few artistic renderings and some screenshots out there already.

Couple other hi-res screenshots if it helps at all: LINK | LINK

[spoil]The shorthand version of all the wiki description stuff is that she looks pretty much the same as the character model in the screenshots except she has a much larger chest, and has much longer hair.

She's been wearing a braid in her hair lately as well (kind of visible in the avatar). I suppose that isn't mentioned on the wiki. I really need to get around to updating that...

Her tattoo will probably be undergoing a transformation (from bluish to gray) come ARR, as well.[/spoil]


I'm looking forward to drawing though. I've been brushing up a bit this past week. (get it? xD *guffaws*)



EDIT: Oh, since it was solicited in the OP, I should mention that we also have no real preference for how she is drawn for this with regard to poses or clothing or such, just so long as it's tasteful/classy. The info in the wiki give a lot of info about her mannerisms and preferences and such. :)

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As of now, everyone who absolutely definitely signed up (sorry Kerr) should have their assignments. Check your PMs!




Rhostel's wiki page can be found here. There's also my drawing of roughly how I think she should look here. It's subject to change given that I haven't had a chance to see the options for female Highlanders, but let's say that's pretty much what she looked like when Dalamud was falling. Whatever her look five years later, it won't be completely unrecognisable. :) As for how she dresses, it's usually much more sensible than that, given it's a physique sketch. Armour where appropriate, vests and trousers where not. If you wanna go for armour, generic Lancer-ish stuff or Flames uniform is apt, Dragoon AF is not so IC.




There's another matter I want to ask you all to consider. Given the secret part of this, participants can't stream their drawings. However, if we decide, as a group, to drop the secrecy, that won't be an issue anymore. It also means you don't have to go through me but can talk directly to whoever you're drawing for if you have questions.


Since it's a pretty big change to proceedings, I would prefer an overwhelming majority in favour before we make this happen. So, only if six of you state clearly in this thread that you agree to it. I already know who everyone has, so my perspective is naturally a bit skewed and I won't count my own opinion.




One last thing: Anyone who hasn't posted details here, I've linked your main character's wiki page in the PM. If you think that's enough, fine, but if you want to add more details, more pictures or more characters to choose from, please do so right here! :)

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For whatever it may be worth I kind of like the element of secrecy to this, but if everyone else would prefer to drop that, I'm not vehemently opposed to it. I just thought it would be fun if everyone was kind of surprised at the end. :)

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Extensive description and stuffs is over at the wiki for Aysun~ I guess my ONLY preference would be something other than a dancing picture. As awesome as those are, I has lots of them now. ^^ If you really want to though, go ahead. Whatever I get, I'll love.


I'm super curious, but the element of surprise will make this fun too. Streaming is cool, buuuut... hngnng. Secret santa is secret!

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