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Moonlight Player's Auditions!

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[align=center]A simple flyer posted in taverns, notice boards and stages all across Eorzean



[align=center]The Moonlight Players[/align]

[align=center]We are accepting auditions for various roles in our new theatre troupe!


Principle Actors

Supporting Actors

Management and organizers

Costumes & makeup

Set designers

Stage Crew


All these are available to be filled immediately!


Where: Wayfarer's Rest, The Goblet, Ward 6 plot 58 Room 15

When: February 26th 7pm CST

Who: Arietty Moonfall and Nebula Stardancer [/align]




OOC: We'll be doing this mostly IC'ly but the first few weeks will be a tad rushed so we can determine if we are able to preform for the festival of the FC's. If you would like to come please show up on time and prepared to show us that you have what it takes to be an actor with a small skit [a few lines maybe?], a costume designer with an interesting costume to show off your talent, maybe a picture of a room you've designed so we can get a sense of your creativity [or we can come see your room OOC'ly if your on the ps]. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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