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Hello, and I have no idea what's going on


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I recently went through the palaver that is getting a character on to Balmung in search of the rp community. I play Mita Ashyn on Balmung now and have been enjoying the game, tanking being pretty good and the way you can treat a crafting profession as a full class being very interesting.


Unfortunately for me, unlike any other MMO I've rped in, I know nothing about Final Fantasy lore. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I'll add what I told some veteran players on reddit my understanding of the story is -


In the beginning, apparently, there was a big ass battle which is interrupted when a giant ass dragon explodes out of the moon and starts carpet bombing the planet. An old guy and some friends praying attempt to lock it back in another moon with giant popsicles and giant glowing TRON circles, but fail. Old guy then teleports some warriors, none of whom look over the age of sixteen, to somewhere else. None of these guys seem especially put out by being teleported out of the end of the world or that that huge ass dragon is still around and proceed to ride Chocobos towards some towers.


Game starts and my character listens to some mystical monologuing before facing off against a sinister guy wearing a bin bag and a chinese vampire mask. I oppose him by putting my fightin' clothes on and flying at him with a sword. I then wake up in a cart on my way to Ul'dah (Playing a gladiator here) which is established as a terrible corrupt place that is a terrible place to be. After arriving I go through some quests and eventually am sent to find a tiny annoyingly voiced Lanafell who is promptly nagged by the world's most handsome man. She is then equally promptly attacked by a giant skinny bat demon thing. Killing said thing prompts the world's most handsome man to mutter ominously about voidborn.


Later on I meet a guy trying to work his way into the government of Ul'dah and is therefore recognisable as a lightning rod for villainous assassination attempts. One attempted villainous assassination attempt later and bin bag chinese vampire mask man is revealed(?) to be Lord Lolorito, henceforth known as Lord Dorito, and Mr Handsome introduces himself as Thancred. Thancred who lives an exciting double life of making love to giggly women and glaring at a giant red moon with things sticking out of it.


I've played a bit more since then and it's been established, through the medium of passing out and going into a coma before being talked at by gigantic novelty glowing ice sculptures that I am some sort of chosen one who is required to seek out shards of light. It's also later established, once I go to a party and immediately pass out from the excitement, that I am similar to some 'warriors of light' who have now vanished from the world in the aforementioned giant ass moon dragon battle. I am thusly sent on a diplomatic mission, clearly being qualified despite my tendency to pass out constantly.


TL;DR: I am new and in a setting I know nothing about, but enjoying the game.

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That's a pretty rough cut of the Main Story Quests (MSQ, henceforth) but it doesn't necessarily have to relate to your character. As you progress in the story it becomes a whole lot of CHOSEN ONE kind of nonsense and it just doesn't work in a roleplaying community if we've got hundreds of CHOSEN ONES all with the same identical background.


As for lore stuff, XIV is a pretty flexible world for a lot of concepts. You don't have to be the new guy on the train into town, and you definitely don't have to play along with the stuff the main story throws at you.


If you had any specific questions in mind, feel free to ask them. We're all pretty much dorks here, so we think a lot about the game lore. Probably more than the lore team does at times.

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Welcome to Eorzea! I mean, you kind of got the main gist lol! Here's some links that should help you out:


Eorzean Lore Starter Kit

-Racial Lore Compilation

-Class/Job Lore Compilation

-Hydaelyn Geography Lore

-Eorzean City-states' Political Structures Lore

-Eorzean Units of Time and Measurement Lore



The very short and dirty version of the story is this:

Eorzea is a realm believed blessed by a pantheon of deities known as the Twelve. Tens of thousands of years ago the Twelve went into slumber and since then the world sees seven calamitous events, or Umbral Eras, where civilizations are wiped out entirely. These Umbral Eras are separated by Astral Eras where the survivors rebuild their civilizations.


What you witnessed in the opening cutscene was the latest, Seventh Umbral Calamity. It has now been five years since and as you play through the MSQ you'll see the nations try to recover from the devastation. There will be carriages, and melodrama, and primals aplenty along the way as beings known as the Paragons or "Ascians" attempt to visit calamity upon the world once more before She has a chance to recover.

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Welcome! Idk your retelling of things is pretty spot on (especially with Thancred being the world's most handsome man--until Heavensward), I'd say you have a good grasp of things.

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