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Garlean Defector LF Connections!

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[align=center]"My name is Adelaide. Adelaide Levenson. You won't be forgetting it."[/align]

[align=center]Wiki (Work in progress!)[/align]


Well, I figured that Adelaide is the least known of my 4 characters (besides Mamiko, since she doesn't even have a wiki yet) so why not post here?


About Adelaide

  • Most of her time is spent in Gridania and Ul'dah.
  • Magitek repairman. If you need something repaired, she knows what to do!
  • Powerful Arcanist. Never seen without her grimoire.
  • Anyone who's met her typically refers to her as the bitch. (I play her this way intentionally - she's not meant to be liked at first!)
  • Her eyes are made of magitek, and glow an eerie blue; as a result, they seem very lifeless, giving her the title of Doll-Eyes.

Where you may find her

  • Ul'dah: Can be seen in the Quicksand or markets.
  • Limsa Lominsa: Not too likely, but she might be there to trash-talk the Maelstrom. Right by the Maelstrom.
  • Gridania: Usually seen around the Botanist's guild. Where she spends most of her time.
  • Out and about in Eorzea, being a nuisance like always.

Recent Events

  • Has recently been seen getting a lot of small magitek parts together over the past few weeks.
  • At any sorts of bookstores/libraries, she's been seen getting books about aetheric research and the Void.
  • Adelaide could have been seen by those who frequent the Wayfarer's Rest, often visiting a certain room every week or so.

Things I am Looking for/Interested in

  • Friends (friends are nice to have!)
  • RP plotlines (any setting is fine.)
  • More RP partners (more RP = good!)
  • I can also be your token bitchy villain, but I'm not looking to get her killed.
  • Adelaide is open for romance, but... I somehow doubt anyone's going to try to (or succeed, if they try) win her heart.

Things I am NOT Looking for/Interested in

  • ERP. (I am fine is she gets involved! However, I want a fade-to-black.)
  • Killing my character. (I won't allow for my character to be killed unless I say otherwise.)
  • Complete breakage of lore. (I'm fine with lore-bending, as I do this sometimes.)


About the Player

  • I'm a medium-heavy RPer. It tends to change depending on who I'm with, but it's medium most of the time.
  • I'm on PS4! If I start jumping or run off randomly, I probably dropped my controller (and will complain about this OOCly). Just let me run back over and all will be fine.
  • In-game RP? Great! Forum RP? Great! I love RP, so don't be shy!
  • I'm a former WoW player, so I have MMO RP experience, as well as table-top experience! However, I am a little lacking in the lore department here. Please don't hit me if I make a lore hiccup.
  • I am found as Adelaide Levenson in-game.

Interested in RPing? Send me a PM, or reply here! I would love to RP with you! heart.gif

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I'm always interested in garlean contacts, especially magitek. Feel free to poke me ingame!


I just had a question... What do you mean by "powerful arcanist"?

Hiya! ^^


Ade's half-Garlean, so she has some magical capabilities, alongside other reasons. She's just that, an Arcanist. (Honestly, I chose Arcanist before I figured out a story for her, so I'm just rolling with it now.)


I'll see if I can get online this weekend and find you!

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Nadine has stolen Garlean magitech in the past alogn with her father and given that she works for Skysteel is quite interested in it. Feel free to contact me for RP at any time.

I'll be sure to try and find you in-game next time I log in!

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Bump and little updates!


  • Little wiki updates, nothing major. I was mostly working with Ara's wiki these past few days.
  • I might start shopping around for an FC for Adelaide... not sure what I want exactly yet, but we'll see.
  • And of course, always looking for more frenemies for her!

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