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RP'er looking to start an abuse support group

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Hey. Apologies for the OOC post.


I roleplay a wandering mage-type character as of late. 


Or rather, I would if I had some kind of support. I had been trampled on by other, less-than-nice RP'ers in the past, to the point that I can't even walk up to people anymore. I thought about quitting RP altogether. 


Then I realized I don't have to leave the game on such a horrid note. I can get RP'ers who have been similarly abused by other players, emotionally or otherwise. We could talk about our experiences and actually grow as people.


If this interests you, or if you're sympathetic to that, my name in Balmung is Mara Ileres.

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I'm definitely sympathetic since I've RP'd with you a bit here and there. I still remember meeting you back when I starting RPing in FFXIV. Maybe we should make it happen more often... ;-)


Sorry to see you've had it rough. You've always been cool in my book.

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Alas, the world of imagination is a substantial drawing power for people whose psychiatric state is one that doesn't function well in the world of reality. I sympathize with what you've been through, having encountered plenty of it myself over the years. 


Say hi in-game any time! I'm most often on my characters O'sena Rhen and Summer Holly of late.

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Hey there, we already have a bit of that going. There's as you mentioned LS Hugs and Cakes focused around positive environment and idea of being excellent to each other. I think it's not full at the moment, it fulls sometimes but there are regular activity checks and in general lately there's more people leaving the game and becoming inactive than coming.


We also have bit of an smaller group based around RP project of The Fated Inn - place where you can always find some smaller scale character based RP wrapped around the idea of a hideout and a safe place for all those in need. We have OOC LS for everyone affiliated with the Inn and very nice community formed there made mostly from people who have some bad previous RP/community experience and like to RP together and help each other. We are trying to involve people who are afraid to get into RP, shylings, people who have previous bad guild experience or just have hard time finding good RP, simply everyone who could use bit of help and wants to do the same for others.


Or as I like to say it's place for terminally nice.


If you'd like to learn more about The Fated Inn you can check our website http://thefated.enjin.com or our post about it here on forums.

To join our LS you can poke me (Grumbling Behemoth) ingame and of course so can you if you'd just like to talk. I don't mind.

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