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[OPEN] Can You Tame a Wolf?

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It had been a rough few seasons for Steel. At least, socially so.


While she was afforded room, board and welcome amongst the Red Wings far easier than she had thought it possible, she still was out in the wind at matters of the heart. Twice in recent memory she had thought a connection was being made, and twice she was fooled. Another pair of failures in a long line. The passing Valentione's Day and Little Ladies' Day festivities had done little to salve her mood, as she watched in every major city street as objects of affection and adoration were fawned over.


It had made her sick. And now, on her near third bottle of rum, it had made her angry.


She began drinking alone at the Quicksand, her very demeanor issuing a palpable, invisible fire enough that nobody in the establishment approached her. Now, though, she was beyond three sheets to the wind and was "kindly" told by Momodi to leave. She staggered outside of the Quicksand, bottle of swill in her hand as she roared in to the night sky and the walls of Ul'dah, her voice lilting through slurred anger.


"Sod all'a yew! Thinkin' I'm not a woman, eh? Just another notch on yer belt? Eh? Or maybe ye'll ignore meh like Bryn had done. Or mayhap ye'll look from afar, aye. Oh yeah, she's a reaaaal juicy one, that one is. Things I'd do to'er, eh boys? EH?!"


She tore off her long overcoat, flaunting her halter top as she spoke before throwing the garment down and taking another long pull from her swill.


"Well how's 'bout someone come an' let me make a notch'on my belt? Ye fahkin' loogit me like I'm a maiden. Come fight me like a woman! Try'n stahp me! TRY AND STOP ME!!"


The final words were punctuated with stomps on her overcoat as she coughed back a sob and drowned it with another pull from the bottle. Despite her halter top, a pair of what appeared to be Doman pants and her bottle, the woman was otherwise unarmed as far as anyone could see.


At least, as unarmed as a near eight fulm tall over 200 ponze Roegadyn woman could be.


A pair of onlookers stopped at the spectacle, then dashed away as her gaze turned challengingly to them. Who, then, could calm down this tempest? Could you tame a wolf?

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What had life come to, when a man couldn't even enjoy a beer in peace. Even the Garleans would likely have the decency to let a man enjoy his cold pint after a hot shift. Yet not here. He tries to ignore the spectacle for a few minutes, but eventually something in him snaps. He drains his beer with a single angry motion, and stomps over to the woman, arms and chain clinking softly in the din of the bar.


"Oy, cunt."


The voice comes from behind, a low rumbled of annoyance. Its owner was a Miqo'te with a weatherbeaten face, clad in the rusty red armor of a brass blade. 


" 'Ow about you shut that maw of yours 'ey?" His hands rest easy at his sides, and a deep scowl darkens his features. "Trying to get a fookin drink in 'ere."


His eyes look over her frame, "Don't care if you're a man, woman or morbol, I'll drag you outside and beat some sense into you if 'ats what you're after."

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She'd come to the Quicksand from the eastern entrance, by way of Pearl Lane, swearing to herself that she still could smell old perfumes in the little alley just before the entryway; smells real and imagined gave way as the doors swung open, carrying with them the usual scents of the establishment - old hardwoods, traces of mud and musky sweat, and the lingering odors of wines and liquors mixing like a fog in stale air. It was not the pleasant masked scent of old boudoirs in which she'd once been immersed, but it was an honest smell, one that she'd unknowingly tried to replicate in her own little patch of respectability in a basement cantina.


She spun her hips as the doors began to close, sparing her flaring red leggings from being caught in the swinging doors, and came to stand just before the door, expecting the hubbub of Uldah's premiere adventuring hangout to immerse her in itself. She'd not yet replicated that energy in her own domain, not yet, which is why she'd taken the time to bring herself here, submerging her well-over-7 fulm frame, hips and crimson skin and raven hair, into the scene, hoping to capture some nuance she might have missed after countless times, or, if nothing else, try to suss out another recipe from Momodi.


But a woman's bellow of a cry brought her to a halt, leaving her motionless but for the copper bangles hanging from the sash around her waist, until she made a nearly unthinking dash to the other doors.


She peered through the scattering crowd as best as the chaos allowed, but then, it was not hard to find the source, and the other Roegadyn's signature purple locks gave away as much as the voice did. She mouthed the name of Steel Wolf, a pained wrinkling of her brow betraying her previously festive mood.


But she was too far away to get to the familiar woman, and she found herself held still by the spectacle of the comparatively small Brass Blade that was apparently sizing Steel up; Magma Dancer, for a long moment, could only shake her head in wonder as to what was going to happen, and which of the two was in more trouble.

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Warren watched the telltale signs something was about to go wrong. First, the giantess being tossed out with all of the grace one would expect from an adventurer and a warrior at heart, with things being yelled that would likely be regretted in the morning. Second, one of Ul'dah's Finest running out of temper and ale at the same time, muttering as he up and stormed off in the direction of the tempest.


It's not your fight.


He told himself that more than once. With a frown the highlander excused himself, paying for his half-full drink and making for the exit. He fully expected to hear a peal of thunder and the sound of rain as he went to spectate, making it a point to loom just outside of the establishment.

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Aaron rather blankly popped a piece of candy in his mouth as he sat by his adolescent wolf pup on the outskirts of the quicksand, the dark furred waist high creature barking once as Aaron looked at the raging woman.


"I pray she doesn't get shot in the back of the head." He said looking around for anyone that carried a firearm.

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Ignorant of any others watching, she spun around at the growling voice that called her out. The signature of a Brass Blade made little consequence to her in her state. All she saw was a face and her fist not yet in it.


It would do.


Steel took another pull from her bottle as she made her way towards the man. "Oh, aye, yer think y've got summat to prove mh? Thingin' you'll have a story for yer mates at yer shitehole campsite."


With reverence usually reserved for a babe, or an heirloom, she lowered the rum bottle before waving the miqo'te forward, a lopsided grin smeared as haphazardly on her face as her next words.


"Step to an' see how a cunt really hits, small staff. I'll remind a coreul e's naught but a kitt'n."

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The keeper inside of the Quicksand stood up from her seat in the bar. Jana Ridah was usually content to drink her mead undisturbed, even in the popular Adventurers' Guild that was almost never truly quiet. But even had it been whispered, she immediately reacted to the one word she'd heard that cared about most above any other in this world.


Taking a few steps forward to separate her from onlookers, but staying just behind the Brass Blade who'd reacted first, Jana nudged her glasses up on her nose as she sized up the situation. She recognized R'elend's voice and stature, and while she wasn't in the uniform of the Immortal Flames, she figured that the Seeker wouldn't mind if she back him up on yet another bar brawl. The shouting Roegadyn woman, on the other hand, was a stranger. Even if she was tall compared to most of her race, Jana stood no chance of intimidating the other woman through stature alone... But maybe the possibility of a two-on-one would force her to calm down.

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R'elend rolls his shoulders under the armor, a pleasant feeling of annoyance washing over him. Twenty years of guarding the Sagolii took something. out of a man, but this bitch's wailing put a spring in his step. Bitch was asking to get the shit kicked out of her, right? Couldn't nobody fill in a complaint for for that.


"I aint got shite to prove, ya great ugly whore. Not even worth telling the lads." He spits at her feet and walks forward, "Just ready to give you somethin to actually cry about."


"Now git lost to some alley and drink yourself to death." He looks up from a few feet away, "Gods you're ugly, a beating 'ight actually improve things." 


He feels a presence behind him, and his eyes flick to the side to see a familiar face. It was that Flame, the one who had a discerning eye regarding the whore's of the city. Rare breed that, he remembered a lass who knew her whores, true soldier she was. He gives her a noncommital nod before returning to leer at the Roegadyn, no sense in jumping the giant before she even threw a punch.

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"So, it's utterly worthless, then?"


The merchant gave Kokoporo a shrug. "'Fraid so..." He held the pearl ring up to the light, glancing it over from beneath bronze spectacles. "I gotta say, it's surely the realest looking fake I've ever seen, but that sound you hear...?" He tapped it against the counter a few times for good measure. "Distinct sound of glass filled with wax."


Kokoporo sighed loudly, letting his upper body hang in disgust. His thoughts returned to the man he had met in the brumes of Ishgard, a poor sod who had written a check he couldn't cash with a couple of corrupt knights for the promise of medicine for his ailing wife. Kopo had offered to help, and so he was given the last remaining possession the man had: a pearl ring that he was sure Kopo could get a good price for in the markets of Ul'dah.  


The very same ring that had now been declared completely fake.


"Uh, you alright there, sir?"


Kokoporo had wedged his head against the counter in quiet agitation. Monetarist he may have been, the truth was he had failed to secure any reliable form of income in a long while. The initial gold mine that was the various gems he had brought with him on his first visit to Ul'dah was bleeding out. Furthermore, the locations of where he had found such gems he had willingly thrown out to various merchants, and since he had defied the other Monetarists as he joined the Order, he was sure not to see any royalties.


And of course the bleeding knights making offers one couldn't refuse wanted a gods damned fortune for medicine that didn't even seem to be working, according to the man in the Brume.


"UGH...I'll be fine..." No he wouldn't. Kokoporo lifted his head from the counter muttering for the merchant to "keep the dern ring..." He swiftly turned on his heel, marching towards the exit of the Steps of Thal, hoping to make his way back to the Aetheryte. As he made his way through the Steps of Nald, his ears caugh the sound of some commotion just outside the Quicksand. Letting curiosity get the best of him, Kokoporo waddled towards the scene, instinctfully gripping the handle of the blunt greatsword strapped to his back, arriving to find several people gathered around his friend the Roegadyn, Steel Wolf, looking unhappy and a bit in her cups at the moment. 


"...Eh? Steel? What are ya...Hey!" He rushed towards her, only to be blocked by the tall body of a rather mouthy Miqo'te. "H-hey...Outta the way!"

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The Brass Blade's words drifted into Magma's earshot, and despite herself, despite all those nights she'd sworn to give up trouble, she felt her toes dig into the soles of her sandals, and the tendons in her hands tighten.


"Steel, honey, my goodness..."


She rolled her neck, and focused on the Brass Blade encroaching and threatening Steel. She set her shoulders, and began to step closer... only to have the sudden dash of a much smaller but still familiar form bolt into her view, again between herself and the developing staredown between warrior and Blade.


"Wait! Koporo, sweetie, be careful!" She picked up the pace and shuffled closer.

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People pushed out into the night, approaching both the drunken angry woman and the Blade that decided taking her up on her offer of violence was more worthwhile than peaceful pursuits. He didn't recognize everyone involved, but one was already looking to ally with the miqo'te as the lalafell and the other roegadyn stepped forward.


Still not your fight.


The words seemed weightless in the face of the reality; Someone making a bad decision due for her own addled reasons was about to run afoul of at least two others making bad decisions for their own less-addled reasons. The doorway wouldn't do for when this inevitably turned ugly, so Warren stepped forward to what could have been perceived as the spectator's line. He remained quiet, or at least as quiet as the highlander could while wearing a sword, shield and armor. Warren watched the situation progress, but he tensed his hands idly as bad threatened to collapse to worse.

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The one time Nanagi decided it would be a great idea to leave her room at the Wayfarer's, she was wrong. She even managed to remain calm and relax and she casually sipped her glass of wine. This was the first time in a long time she pulled herself away from work, and threw herself into the crowds. It was when the ruckus with a roe woman that broke her tranquility.


She watched as the crowd went outside. Rolling her eyes, she hoped down from her bar stool, leaving her half empty glass of wine on the counter.

A healer will be needed after this. Out of all these people, would be sober enough to treat their wounds? Not anyone that I know of.


She stood idly by, keeping a safe distance away and standing on a crate that was conveniently near by.

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It was enough that Steel felt as ugly as the words the Blade was throwing at her...but hearing them was confirmation of every hissing whisper in her head about herself.


She looked down at the smirking miqo'te, then at the second body arriving behind him. Her head moved around as she was suddenly aware of the growing crowd. She thought she'd heard a familiar voice. Maybe seen a few familiar faces. It only exacerbated her shame and disgust.


Everyone was watching. Seeing some wannabe hero fail and become nothing more than some roaring child.


The Blade was right. She was ugly. She should find somewhere to hide and die in a bottle.


Tears welled up in her eyes as she roared out what sounded like the word "No" before she stepped to, rolling her arm forward and swinging a massive uppercut at the Blade. It was far from elegant, but the weight of her musculature and her self-anguish was loaded in to her fist. If it were to strike, it looked enough to blow the mortar off of the side of a castle wall.

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R'elend notices the growing crowd in annoyance. "Fucking shite. Can't drink in peace, can't even 'ave a fucking fight in peace."


He briefly considered hitting the woman before the crowd finished gathering, but some of the onlookers seemed to know the great ugly beast. Maybe she'd pulled a cart for them before. Either way, that would go against one of the holiest of holy Brass Blade rules. Bring more of your mates then they bring of theirs. Else you'd be the one on the ground getting kicked at the end of the fight.


He is already looking for a gap in the crowd when the woman lurches forward with an uppercut. The Blade steps backwards a few paces, sliding past some yapping pototo who had also arrived on the scene. He felt the air move his hair from the near miss, fuck she was strong. Hideous, but strong, at least the gods gave her something. 


He spits at her feet and moves to leave crowd, "You're lucky I don't feel like cleaning blood off my gauntlets." He gestures to the crowd, "You've got some mates, suprised me a bit. Didn't expect an audience." His voice is an annoyed grumble at a fun fight interrupted, "Suppose ugly fucks always get some pity. If they don't confuse ya for a Leve target 'irst."


R'elend pushes through the crowd unless stopped by someone.

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Kokoporo gladly backed on out of the way for the Blade to leave. In the short time that he had been involved in the ongoing drunken shenanigans, he hadn't seen much helping from the man as much as brazen insults, attitude, and oh yeah, standing between Kopo and his best friend. Bloody Blades: corrupt and good for nothing, he thought to himself, as he quickly occupied the space where he used to be. 


"Steel! Steel!" He shouted at her. "What the hells do ya think yer doing?" He looked up at her with great concern, hoping his presence would at least be a relief from the slurry of insults. Kopo was her friend; perhaps she might be happy to see him?

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Wander watched it escalate from afar. The drinking, the appraising gazes, a healthy dose of bitter, drunken self depreciation and, last but not least, a great big angry Roe all made for a nice distraction. And here Wander thought she'd have to stir up trouble on her own.


Most of the other cons, thieves, and pickpockets stayed away from the Sands-- an adventurer's bar often made for angry marks who oh so loved to take things into their own hands. For Wander, it was that very independent pride that made these merc types such easy pickings. Kill a few beasts in the wilds and people think they're kings of their own destinies, but that doesn't stop them from crowding around an escalating fight like everybody else.


But now, it was time for fishing, not idle musings. Wander pushes her way toward the crowd. Half-drunken men and women were an almost insultingly easy lift, more so when standing shoulder to shoulder. More so still with an angry, loudmouth Roegadyn mere fulms away. Wander continues to feign attempts to get a closer look at the action, as her hands skillfully relieve each patron of their wallets and purses. Well, perhaps not him; he did look a touch scary. And, well, maybe not her either; Wander wasn't sure she'd outrun that one.




((Decide for yourself if Wander steals your wallet :)))


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It wasn't often that the Quicksand was loud enough to disturb her from a nap. Today happened to be one of those days though, and it was especially rowdy from the sounds of it.


"I shouldn't go see what's happening," she stated talking to herself as she rose from the bed, "but I am." Her yukata was quickly tossed on and her glasses retrieved. It was such a pain waking up evertime and waiting for her eyes, but she wanted to at least see whom was making such a noise.


She descended the stairs from the room quickly and sat upon the low wall watching the scuffle as it progressed, a smile playing on her lips. She had a great view from here, and didn't expect anybody to rush up towards her should it get any worse.


"Mistress, you shouldn't be here," came a whisper from a shadow near here. Aoi didn't even turn her head as she spoke quietly.


"If things get to bad, I got you to protect me right?" An innocent smile played upon her lips as she put a small strip of jerky in her mouth, sucking on it as she enjoyed the show.


"As you wish Mistress," came the whisper once more without another word being said.

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Jana tried to hide her disappointment as R'elend walked away, even after dodging the wild punch thrown at him by the mountainous drunk. Stepping further forward from the crowd without paying heed to the noise gathering behind her, she looked up at the larger woman with a scowl. "Are you quite finished? You haven't hit anyone, so you can still walk away..."

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The Roegadyn tower teetered, watching as the armored form started to make his way through the crowd. Her golden eyes turned their attention to the new speaker - at least this one was somewhat cordial - and set her jaw. Her fists were still balled up, muscles still tensed from the uppercut she had thrown earlier.


A recognized voice came to her ears...


"Steel! Steel!" He shouted at her. "What the hells do ya think yer doing?"


She blinked, teetering again as she looked further down to see the Lalafell, his face etched with shock and concern. She took a step backwards, lilting hard towards her backside as she did before she responded, glassy eyes casting a gaze back to the woman.


"Kopo...yer...ye shouldn't be 'ere. I'm fixin' to lay out thissun here an' anyone else what steps for'ard." Her voice, though growling, sounded more mournful than it did threatening. The sight of her friend seeing her at her worst saddened the warrior.

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Kopo frowned up at her, shaking his head slowly back and forth at what Steel had become. It reminded him of his own bad times, when he had come to the Quicksand to drown his own sorrows; it never worked for him, and it sure as hell wasn't doing Steel any favors, either. Crossing his arms, he huffed at the drunken Roegadyn's 'threat'. The Steel Wolf was like a cornered animal; that delivery suggested a bark much worse than her bite. "You couldn't hit the broad side of an Adamantoise in this state, Steel."

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(It didn't occur to me that I didn't describe what Jana's wearing in my last posts, let me fix that!)


The Keeper crossed her arms and let out a small huff. "The popoto's right. Then again, I tend to doubt anyone as big as you could hit me sober either." Unlike the Brass Blade, Jana was unarmored, wearing loose, light clothes for the desert heat... And while she wasn't showing much skin, that which did would betray her toned figure. Uncrossing her arms to smooth out her purple top, she glanced down at the newest interloper to emerge from the crowd. Maybe if the drunk tried to punt him, she could catch him...?

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Steel growled at the remarks, but could only, finally, succumb to the force of gravity. She lilted forward and then stumbled back, her heel kicking out beneath the dust of the square and sending her landing squarely on her backside.


She lowered her head between her knees and pulled her hands on top of her head, her shoulders twitching as she cried. Her sobs were muffled, but everything else about her motion was obvious.


"Ah'm...ah'm sorry..." she choked out.

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Jana let out a small huff; it was hard to tell if she was disappointed or relieved. With the drunk having hit the ground without her doing anything, she decided her job was done. Let her scattered company in the crowd handle things... The bespectacled keeper simply took a step back. "See that it doesn't happen again, you might not get so lucky with people nearby willing to bail you out..."

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Somewhere in the distance the voice of a grumpy Brass Blade can be heard, "And stay down ya great ugly goobbue."


Then there is fading laughter.


A red brow furrowed at the fading remark, and the pair of crimson lips muttered softly, "Come back here and say that, you crotch-rot carrying rodent."


She shook her head, angry at herself for getting distracted, even for the moment, from what she really ought to have been doing.


Magma strode forward, her sash's bangles clinking from the sudden speed, and directed a remark towards the keeper female in passing. "Keep it to yourself, girl, and let the women handle this."


She stepped behind the fallen Roe, and set gentle hands upon her shoulders. "Sthalwilf... honey, let's get you somewhere more pleasant than out in these dusty streets."

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